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Bought a balanced cable for my HD650 from Alex. First class workmanship. Sounds great.
Thanks Alex.
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Bought an RS-1 from Alex and had it re-cabled. Excellent craftsmanship, fast shipping - just one of many of my purchases from him!
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i bought 3 things from alex: balanced recable, adapter and ic. prompt communication, outstanding workmanship, and fast shipping to boot. will definitely send him the d5ks to be recabled soon!

kudos to heli too, for the tracking number!
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I bought from him Er4P
i don't have to say anything else this seller is Rock!!!
Thanks man.
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[AK]Zip did some further re-cabling work on some headphones I bought from another seller. High-quality work all the way through and continually top-notch customer service, with excellent shipping.
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Bought a re-cable for my K501, seamless transaction.
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I ordered a HD650 cable with Super Nylon and Cardas Sennheiser connectors. Excellent communication & service from Heli, and in Finnish too
This is my second cable from Alex. Again, build quality was excellent!

Great products, highly recommended.
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Yet another happy customer here.

I ordered a balanced 650 V3 cable from Alex after he helped work out what cable would suit me best. I also purchased a balanced -> SE adaptor. Build quality is solid and the sound quality is excellent.

Communication was seamless throughout. You need one of these cables!
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As always, the first part of this appreciative comment is to thank Alex for his fantastic customer service in terms of communication, providing any info I needed, answering all my (sometimes silly) questions.

The second - and most important feedback - is a big thank you for the fantastic job on my newly acquired MDR-SA5000's. I bought from a seller in the US which shipped to Alex, he then recabled them with the APS V3 in balanced config, and also made up an XLR to SE adaptor cable.

Build time was excellent, the quality and craftsmanship superb, and end product a treat. Shipping was prompt and reached me in record time (3.5 days from US to Africa ). Alex cannot be highly enough recommended....

....and a special word of thanks to Heli for her prompt communication and assistance during the order and shipping process.
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Repeat customer here. Had Alex do a V3 re-cable of my K701 and my HFI-780. Fast turnaround, great communication, and great sound. Thanks.
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HP1000 HP-1 & GS1000 Recable

Over the past transactions I have established a trust worthy relationship with Alex.

This project involves recabling of a rare, pristine HP-1 in V3 cable, with cotton insulation and super nylon sleeves and terminated in Furutech plug, AND a pair of GS1000 in the same cabling configuration.

I also ordered a XLR to TRS adaptor also in V3 cable for my K1000, previously recabled by Alex.

There are enough said about Apuresound so the only thing I want to add is Alex's service is the best I have come cross in this circle, and his headphone recabling comes with both top notch workmanship and sonic performance, all backed by a responsive, customer oriented service level, on top of reliable and fast delivery.

A perfect, very satisfying project overall, and a wonderful friend.

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I commissioned [AK]Zip for servicing on some XLR interconnects that I bought from another small cable vendor. The job was done quickly and professionally.

[AK]Zip clearly knows his craft well and he always does an excellent job, will continue to turn to him for all my cabling needs and questions.
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Alex recabled my Denon D2000. Very pleasant and prompt communication, turnaround time was quick. Cable is very sturdy and sounds great.

I highly recommend Alex.
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purchased replacement cable for ER4P.
Very helpfull, patiently answering all my questions.
Workmanship is flawless, and yes, Its sounds GREAT !! Thanks
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Alex is one of the coolest people around. His recables are flawless works of art, and are commonly described as being among the best in the business. He cares immensely about his customers like any provider of high end merchandise should.
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