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He fixed my DT990s for a very reasonable price, and shipped them back very quickly. Really nice guy.
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Alex recabled my beloved Technics RPDJ1200A headphones for me, a job that a lot of people turned down due to the difficulty of it. He accepted the job graciously and went out of his way to make the cabling look extremely clean and route it through the headband to keep with the original one-sided cord design, instead of having to make a cable to go to both ear cups. On top of that the cable he made is just beautiful, a PERFECT length, and the connector plug fits very nice and snug in my iriver 799 1gb player, which has a very cramped space for mini input, and not a lot of plugs fit.

Overall, Alex did everything I wanted and pretty much topped my expectations, and his price was very reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate to have this man recable any headphone for me in the future, and would be happy to do buisness with him again.

Thanks Alex !!
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Sold a pair of w100s to him,paid me very fast,easy to deal with .we had a very smooth transaction .I am glad with doing with you.will do buisness again

highly recommend!
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Sold some ex51's, had some postal problems but he took it well. Great guy, hope i didnt scare him off.
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Alex bought a pair of K701 from me, the payment was instant and he was a pleasure to deal with. Enjoy the phone Alex.
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Alex bought my L3k drivers (one good, one busted) for a project. His payment was immediate. I wasn't able to ship the drivers until several days later and he was cool with the situation. Can't wait to see the results!
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Bought a pair of k701's from Alex he was very quick to respond and shipped them out the day after I paid. Great guy to deal with highly recommended!.
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I purchased modded Sony MDR-EX51LPs from Alex. Everything was impeccable -- he's excellent to deal with. Thanks!
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Fast buyer
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I got 2 eggos that got loose wire problem. I tried to be smart and open one of them, unfortunately I can't fixed it and unable to put it back together
I was asking for help on DIY forum and Alex was willing to help me out. He fixed both eggos, I'm very grateful for what he's done. Thank's Alex
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Top job!

Just received a custom Emu 0404 cable made for me by Alex - Top workmanship and a good deal Trade/buy from with confidence Recommended

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I sold him a CD3000 just recently, and everything went smoothly as expected. He paid me promptly the moment we agreed to have a deal, and reported back to me once he received the package.

Hope your project goes well, Alex
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Made me a nice RCA-mini cable for a great price! Sounds great! Highly Recommended!
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I sold Alex some headphones. Commuinication was excellent and he definetely knew what he wanted.

Shiping was a bit delayed as even though I shipped the headphones it took eight days for the headphones to leave the UK (Don't you love Royal Mail?) with National holidays and stuff, so this part I must apologise.

I would have no probs with dealing with Alex again. Especially as he is a redwings fan
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Alex made me a 5" mini to mini interconnect with straight 1/8" connectors. Right from the beginning his communication was fantastic. Very patient with all of my questions and shipping was fast with the cable well protected. His workmanship is great too.

I will definitely do business with Alex again!
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