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Purchased a pair of K340s from Alex. What else is there to say that hasn't been said? Quick service, friendly transaction, yada yada yada. Put me on the list of satisfied customers. Thanks!
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Sold a pair of Grado RS-2's to Alex. He paid extremely quickly and was very pleasant to deal with.

Will definitely do business again if the opportunity arises.
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Alex recabled my YAMAHA HP-1, great work as always.
I thought it would be difficult as the cans were 30 years old but he did it very well.
APureSound - Where The Music Is Always Pure

A good old vintage come alive
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I bought a modded, woodied, & recabled K340 from Alex. Great communication and service. Not least a great set of headphones. Highly recommend.
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I bought some HF-1 with APS V3 cable. Fast service, good communication, fast shipping. Since he was doing warrantee work on an extension cable, he shipped both together for free! Can't get better than that.

These HF-1 sound better than my APS V3 RS-2 (different drivers give more bass and space), so I am very happy!

I am now up to 4 headphones with APS cable (V3 x3, V2 x1, plus an extension). My next re-cable will be with Alex for sure.
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Alex is good buyer that knows what he wants and doesn't fluff around

Communication is excellent as always and fast payment

Highly recommended
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I sold Alex a pair of UE Super fi 5 pro's for credit on a recable and had him recable my Denon D2000, and make a ety ER4-S Cable.

The communication is excelent and the quality of the work is stunning and the sound is stunning too.

Highly recommended.
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sold hf1. easy transaction as usual.
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Alex did a superb balanced recabling job on my L3000s; couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. Thanks again Alex!
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recabled RS-1's, Audio Technica ATH-ESW9's, LOD

What fabulous service! Great communication and spectacular work. Thank you Alex
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I bought Alex's MS-2i's; clear, fast communication, even faster shipping, and the phones are basically pristine.

Easy and great deal, from a great Head-Fi'er. Thanks!
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Alex knows how to make cables!! The HD650 V3 is by far the best sounding cable my Senn's have had the pleasure of being hooked up to! No more mid-range veil, and faster attacking bass. The Crystal Method - Vegas album never sounded better. Thanks Alex for the great customer service, most excellent response time, and awesome custom made cable.

I highly recomend APureSound for all your cable needs.
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I bought some pads from Alex, wonderful seller as always.
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AKG K1000 NOS with Special APS V3 recabling

I bought this rare, mint NOS K1000 direct from Alex and asked him to recable it with his v3 cable wrapped in Super Nylon sleeve. Alex has been very responsive to my questions and provide useful advises that I can count on. He deliver fast and the K1000 arrives exactly as he described - everything is there, including the manual and the original shipping box, and the headphone is real mint, new condition. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Thanks Alex for a great sale and remarkable cabling job.

F. Lo
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APS RCA interconnect and special cable for M902

I asked Alex to make me one RCA Interconnect which I will use to connect to new components for trial listening and therefore requiring frequent plug and unplugging. Alex provided good insights on the quality of various connectors, and ways that can make the cable more flexible without loosing any performance.

I also asked Alex to make a patch cable for my M902 balanced input. Alex went all the way to find out from Grace Design the correct pin designation for my special patch cable to make sure I have the right cable to better utilise the balanced inputs of my M902.

Not only that, Alex has been kind enough to accept receipt of my other purchases on the web from those who are reluctant to ship outside USA, and make arrangements to ship the items to me with the cables - a great service which Alex delivered big time, but at no additional costs to me.

What more can I expect from such a remarkable person in our community ? Honestly, Alex is more a friend to me, than a cable guy

Highly recommended !

F. Lo
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