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Alex bought my FirstWatt F1, and once again proved to be a perfect guy to do business with.
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Is there a limit on how many pages of positive feedback you can get? ;-)

I bought Alex's Koss ESP950s and SOHA Hybrid Tube amp. Not only a solidly built amp but, as always extremely well packed and rapidly delivered. Alex is exceptional as communicator, builder, packer, the list goes on. Trust this Head-Fi-er with anything. He gets the job done like no other.
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I bought an ER-4 cable from Alex. I thik Alex is an excellent cable maker and a man to be trusted.
Thank you Alex.
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Excellent Workmanship

I purchased XLR interconnects from Alex and am very pleased with their build quality and extremely great sound. I also had my Denon D2000's balanced by Alex and am fully satisfied with the result. The bass response is more controlled but still full-bodied, the shift to balance could contribute to some of these impressions but I am more in love with my Denon's than ever before and would recommend Alex to anyone making a real commitment to your favorite cans.

On the business side, Alex was good to work with and communicated on par with his feedback.
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Alex made me an ER4 cable that I really love. Smooth transaction and everything happened as promissed. Recommended
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Yet another person adding to Alex' long list of positive feedback.
He recabled my W5000's and I bought some IC's from him.
Excellent craftsmanship and other factors such as shipping/packing and communication were top notch too.

Highly recommended!
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I shipped Alex a pair of AKG K1000’s to be recabled for fkclo. He is a real nice guy to deal with and I’d be happy to deal with him in the future. He takes what he does seriously and does a great job.

Thanks Mitch
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Alex sold me a pair of pristine Sony R10's. He was understanding about a slight delay I might have in payment. When he received the money, he sent the headphones promptly. When there was a delay in the package and no updates, he was kind enough to contact USPS for me.

When I received the headphones they were as described and extremely well packaged (foam, triple (at least) bubble wrap, plastic wrapper).

A very happy buyer - thank you!
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I sold Alex a pair of IEM's and it was another great transaction. Alex is a outstanding member of the Head-Fi community to deal with. Thanks again.
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I held on from posting on the forum for a few days so that my 1000th post can be my appreciation for Alex

First off, I have been chatting with Alex for many months now. It's became more than a pure business relationship - it is the type of relationship you always want to have with your local audio store....friendly service, great advice, as well as insight into the products and services provided. Whenever I had questions (be they technical, advice requests, impressions) Alex has always been willing to help out where possible, and always open and honest enough to say when he didn't know, have an answer, or have experience with a particular piece of equipment.

Over and above feedback for that, I also want to provide feedback for a recent purchase - a V3 cable for one can, a new recabled V3 headphone, and he also helped in organizing a rare tube from a supplier in the US and shipping it along with the rest of my order, saving me the hassle and costs of an additional international shipment.

Communication was (and continues to be) always clear, friendly, and prompt. Items were shipped as described and arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Overall - the pinnacle of what a customer wants to experience. I feel like more than just a "buyer"....but a client in the true sense of the word.

Thanks again Alex!
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A couple days ago I received my recabled W5000's from Alex. First of all, let me start off by saying that his turnaround time is beyond spectacular. Even with the rush of v3 cable orders, he was able to ship my recabled headphones back to me within 2 weeks (INCLUDING shipping time for both ways, he probably had them in his hands for 4-5 days). Keep in mind this was during a peak in orders too.

Communication was always quicker than ever, and Alex does business like everyone should - informative, friendly, and prompt. I HIGHLY recommend Alex for any/all of your recables or IC orders.

If you'd like to hear my impressions on the v3 cable, please see Alex's MOT v3 cable thread.
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Alex re-cabled my spare K1000s to his new V3 cable. The package arrived in excellent condition and it was shipped to me in one day. Lots of give and take in our easy communications. Anxious to do business again. Outstanding head-fier and craftsman. Thanks Alex, as always.
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Just received my ApureSound v3 K1000 recable this morning, and i'm almost at a loss for words. The quality of the cable and craftsmanship on the K1000 is simply outstanding! I was always impressed with Alex's work, but this is really something special; he's really onto something here . As far as sound goes, i've owned his v2 which is quite an amazing cable but so far it seems like this one has more depth and sounds more natural. What can I say, Alex is really into his business and it shows..I give him my highest recommendation as a friend, and will be back soon for more of his business
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DT880 Manufacture, K1000 recabling & others

I have a number of projects done recently by Alex. These include :-

1. recabling of my newly acquired DT880 600 ohm Manufacture to balance, complete with matching XLR-RCA patch cable,

2. recabling of a newly acquired K1000, and a matching 4pin XLR to 2 x 3pin XLR patch cable,

3. Special XLR - RCA cable with Pin 3 floating for my DAC1 USB and DA10

4. Modifying my Earmax Silver Edition PSU so that I can use power cords of my liking.

Alex has been extremely friendly and patient walking me through all these projects, and he give selfless advise on what is worth doing and what's not. He also alert me of the upcoming release of v3 of his cable so that I will not rush to use the v2. Best of all, he even do the PSU modification for free

Once my headphones arrived at Alex, work was progressing in a good pace. Shipping was fast, and packing was more than adequate. Workmanship is top notch. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this transation and would highly recommend Alex to anyone, US or overseas, who are looking into complex recabling job for these loved cans.

F. Lo
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75Ω resistance adapter cable

Bought the above cable from Alex, this was not a custom build, but a pre-existing cable he owned.

great packaging and a hassle free process from begining to end.

many thanks Alex!

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