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Bought some Shure tips for the e2c from me. Great communication, fast payment, and smooth transaction. Highly recommended!
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[AK]Zip bought my ms1's. Paid instantly and was in constant communication. I'd definitely deal with him again!


Enjoy the cans!
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I traded with [ak]zip, his MS-1's for my HD590's. He was always communicating, sent great pics of his cans, and was completely honest. He also packaged them well, and shipped them when he said he would.

Couldnt ask for more!

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I sold Alex my senn cable and plug and everything went smoothly as can be. Great buyer and headfier. Definately recommend this classy fellow. Much Thanks Alex.
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Did a straight trade with Alex with my SA5000's for his HD650's. Some of the best communication I've seen in a transaction with instant e-mail replys. Great guy to work with and would gladly do another transaction with him. Thanks.
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EXTREMELY talented DIY'er. I've been around a long time, and I've never seen a set of Senn 580 replacement cables made so well. I spent a considerable amount of money for them too.

I will suggest him for anyone looking for high quality work, custom made for a reasonable price.

The one thing that got me was that he really involved me in the project.....asking me about the preferred materials, and shielding. I really felt like I was part of the process.

Others should take note of this!

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Bought my iPod. Didn't think anyone would want it Seems very devoting to following through with a deal, that is Zip's strong point. Whenever there was a problem he (she?) was already figuring a solution or a way to contact me, etc. I have been going through a kind of blase period lately so it balanced out

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Bought a very nice looking and reasonably priced DIY cable for my HD-650 from Alex. Not only were his communiques prompt, but he decided at the last minute to retool the cable to improve its sleeving, without any change in price or timing for the deal. Shipping was timely and I am very pleased with the cable's physical and sonic qualities.

I would not hesitate to deal with Alex again, and I encourage him to expand his headphone cable-making hobby. You can bet there would be plenty of other Headfiers who would be interested in his handywork.
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[AK]Zip bought a set of headphones from me. Very smooth and speedy transaction.

I had not used these headphones for some time, looked them over and failed to notice a rip in the headband, and shipped thinking they were OK.

However, Alex was very cooperative and understanding, and accepted the headphones any way.

Spa cee bo, moee tovarisch.
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Alex sold me his X5. Communication was superb throughout and shipping was fast (overseas). Thanks.
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[AK]Zip bought my HD-650s. Payment was instant as well as constant contact. Great buyer would definatly deal with again.
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Bought a great pair of his own custom-made interconnects at a very good price. Nice work, look terrific, and sound really nice.
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[AK]Zip sold me his recabled AKG K340s. He was great to talk with and responded to all my questions quickly. The headphones were shipped out right after I sent payment, and arrived in a few days well-packaged and in great condition. The cabling itself was especially good! Highly recommended Head-Fier -- Thanks for an easy purchase!
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I sold Alex a PCB and was paid immediately, so no worries here.

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I had alex make some custom DIY cables for my soundcard and HD-650. He kept exceptional communication, keeping me updated with every step involved. The cables came well packaged, and were probably most polished out of all DIY work I have seen up to date. If you need any DIY cables, this is the right man to ask.
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