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Ahhhhh! . . . Kimber vs. Markertek

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Yes, I know what you're thinking! And in direct response to that thought, I DID USE the search function! I did! I did! I saw JML's and CajunChrist's review about the cables, and guess what? I still don't know which to get!

Well, with the Kimber at around $40 and the Markertek around $15, I do have a pretty good idea, though.

I would instantly buy the Markertek if I had not seen a post that had called the Markertek 'slower' (but less 'rich') than the Kimber. Is the Kimber really that much 'faster' than the Markertek to justify its large price?

Or, should I ask, is the Markertek noticeably 'slow,' not allowing all to come through? Or is it almost as good or better than the Kimber?

Thanks for any help or suggestions or whatever.

Regards, Luke
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I tell you what, I have a custom one from Bolder with Canare F-12 plugs, and it's damn good. Smooth and detailed yet forgiving. Sibilance is not a problem with ****ty sources (pcdp, mini system, cheap cdp, etc).
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Headroom sells the Kimber. You could always try it.
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Good to see that someone knows how to use the search function.

Remember, too, that the Kimber depends only on the braid to reject RFI, while the Markertek's Canare cable has a shield. That can be significant.
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I own and have used both the Markertek and Kimber mini mini. To MY EARS, the Kimber sound more detailed and faster, which to me is more appealing. The Markertek is a bit more bass heavy and has a very rich sound in comparison. I've been told that the Kimber has a more accurate presentation and that is what I prefer. However the Kimbers are a bit less impactful when it comes to bass. I think you should try both and return or sell the one you don't like as much.
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Hmm . . . I may just try both, but I would probably get the Kimber, but I'm curious about the RFI (a type of interference, right?) aspect; JML, you said that the Kimber relies only on the braid to deflect RFI . . . and my question is, from a practicality standpoint: How often will I encounter RFI in a portable setting (or even in an at-home setting)? And where does RFI eminate from?

I'm curious about your cable as well! How would I get one of those? Are they custom made? If so, how long would it take to get my hands on one? Also, has anybody done comparisons with the Bolder Cable and other mini-mini's?

Oh and BTW, thanks for all the replies.
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RFI is radio-frequency interference. RF is broadcast by radio & TV antennae, and by some electrical equipment. Unshielded cable acts as an antenna to pick up radio signals. RF is omnipresent, and often problem when near to broadcast towers. The solutions are a true ground to earth, which you don't have with portables, and/or shielding on cables, something to cut the field around a cable (ferrite cores), or cable geometry (that's the twisted braid, which is in both of the cables you're thinking of).

EMI is noise/hum from the electromagnetic fields in electical equipment. Video monitors, computers, printers, refrigerators, microwaves, amps, etc.

Shutting out noise improves S/N ratio & quiets the background. Unshielded systems sometimes seem to have more "air," but it is probably high-frequency noise.
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Bolder Cable is a manufactured cable of Jon Risch recipie. As in makes cables based on DIY design for lazy people like me.
They do not mass produce a mini-mini, so mine was a custom cable. It is basically a Type 1 cable, except its got two runs of Belden 89259 wire instead of just one. I believe it's shielded, for it's stiff as hell, and I've heard zero interference. You can order one from Wayne direct by emailing him. It took around two weeks to get mine.
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Alright, well considering that I'm going to be traveling all over with this system (D-EJ925--CHA-47--ATH-W100) in cars and planes and outdoors and around the house and what not, where there will be ample interference, I guess that eliminates the Kimber. Well then its Markertek vs. Bolder! Who can convince me that Bolder is better than Markertek or vice versa?

Did you ever at one time have both the Markertek and the Bolder? If so, any thoughts on comparison?
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I've used many different Kimbers in the past. I've never had any problems with RFI.
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I had the Markertek at one time, but it was used for different purpose, and I've lost it.
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Well, I was planning to get the Kimber and the Markertek to compare, and then send the one that I didn't like back. As it turns out, when my parents found out that I was getting two different cables, both of which were to be used for the same purpose, and with one of them costing around $50 with shipping, they put a veto on that concept. So, I'm getting the $15 Markertek. If I can, I'll probably upgrade to the Kimber somewhere along the line . . I'll tell you all what I think of the Markertek cable when it arrives . . .
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Quality Guru, wait until the person saying "no" is your wife. And then wait until you're the person saying "no" to your son. It's just around the corner...
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