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Sansui Headphone Model SS+2

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I know these are vintage i just wonder if any has Sansui Headphone Model SS+2, and how do they sound? also are they worth getting if i was to find a them.

Also what are your thoughts on the Sony Stereo headphones DR-7A these i beleave are vintage as well.
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Amazing.  The clarity and separation is beyond impressive.  If you can get them for less than $50 then I say go all in

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Yo! My best-mate is a junkyard-emperor. He gave me a pair of mint condition Pioneer Monitor 10s ('77-model) about 1 ½ year back. Their 57mm drivers are just so musical that I'm in pain every time I have to a listening session with them. But about 4 weeks ago I received some new (old - vintage) 8Ohm Impedance over-ears with the name EE-45 IMP. 8O(hm) written on each side (the left sign is red and the right blue. There's no sign of any other indication than that telling me how to were them 2 obtain the correct stereopicture. I searched different searching-motors for 8-10 hours before I hit the SANSUI SS-2. It's absolutely most likely that the pair I got are Eastern European copies of the SS-2's. The head-band is made of plastic & the pads of the worst imaginable pleather ever produced (not verified scientifically). I couldn't care less about the "total package" I got for free: amazing sound-quality, very balanced, well separated instruments as well as the astonishing bass. I read that the originals bass was weak another place. Don't believe other people's ears, but the bass from my EE-45's are absolutely brain-smashing when I use an iPhone 6S + OPPO HA-2 (+ FiiO E11 in some occasions). The OPPO is supposed to function only with an Electronical resistance between 16&300 Ohm Impedance, but it's definitely giving lots of punch to my mysterically vintage copies of the cheap vintage SS-2s. I've never experienced anything coming close to this regarding the power of an over-ears bass!!!!! It's well layered as well. CAN ANYBODY GIVE ME SOME INFO ABOUT WHAT KIND OF PRODUCT I'M LISTENING TO WUITE OFTEN BESIDE THE THINGS I HAVE WRITTEN I WOULD'VE BEEN VERY GREATFUL! Thanx in advance.
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Well, listen: the driver unit on the SS-2s are 70 (seventy!!!) mm in diameter!

The Sansui SS-2 is a moving coil type headphone with excellent transient stability from 20 to 18,000 Hz, top L/R balance characteristics and a high damping factor.

It utilizes specially developed cone paper with high radiation characteristics for exceptional low frequency reproduction.

Distortion at 1 mW is less than 1%; output sound pressure is lower than 1 dB.

Completely adjustable and softly finished in vinyl-chloride for wearing comfort.

With a 3-phase voltage plug, the SS-2 can be used with amplifiers of varying wattages.

Type: moving coil headphone

Drive unit: 70mm

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 18kHz

Nominal load: 1mW

Maximum input: 500mW

Total harmonic disortion: 1%

Impedance: 8Ω

Cord Length: 200cm

Weight: 350g

Year: 1969

!!!!! That might explain why it's like M. Tyson punches me in my ears when listening very extraordinarily loud.
(But I'm not trusting all those specs due to the fact that all other places I've read about the SANSUI'es SS-2s the writer claims they're from 1968. Unbelievable FLOWER POWER iow. The max input on the very loudly K550/553 Professinals are 300mW. That's only 60% of what these beasts by SANSUI & most likely my EE-45s by "who knows" can handle. And an Impedance @ 8 Ohm I'm not wondering anymore why they are loud (but the building quality of the drivers etc. etc. just have to be quite adequate to handle such insane loud pressure). I love the fact that nobody in the entire Cosmos would've paid more than $10 for my Eastern European fugazis. After ordering some ss-2
s from SANSUI I'll listen to my fakes one of the head-fi set'ups in this flat (DacMagic+, Argon HA-2, Argon HA-2 - QED and Tara Labs Interconnects). Can't hardly wait😎

I'm gonna purchase 2-3 pairs of the originals and tweak one of the pairs to the max (almost).
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