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I have noticed various reviews of Sony models such as the D-EJ01, D-EJ955 and D-EJ1000 (in such places as Audioreview, Epinions and Amazon) mention a low level, high frequency noise through the headphone output.

I own a Sony D-E01 (same as D-EJ01) and when I went looking (listening?) for the noise, sure enough, it was there.

Do this test: Play a CD with lots of silences, and turn the volume down to zero. Hear a high frequency "whistle"? Now, put the machine into pause while listening carefully. The noise disappears. Back into play, and the noise appears again. Slowly increase the volume, and the noise stays in the background at the same level, eventually drowned out at higher volume.

All the machines mentioned have in common G-Protection and Digital volume controls. Any link?

Well, anyone here notice the same problem??