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I don't know about you, but I really love to hear it when people argue in public.
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Hello, moderators, where are you when I need one? This thread was meant to inform others about a chat room, not to start arguments and anything else unrelated to the topic.

If you would like to participate in open discussions with fellow head-fi members in real time, we welcome you to the IRC channel #headphones on EFNet.
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i go out of town for ten minutes and..

90% of this thread should join: TEAM SQUABBLE

and for those of you who don't know what this means, a copy and paste from an online dictionary:

- to quarrel noisily and usually over trifles

calm down, it's not your board.. so quit whining!
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Don't be so purple grinch and get your ass back into irc, new channel btw #headphones. There's nothing but humor in there, no more of the retarded nonsense, we weeded that **** out.
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We did?
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I joined the #headphones chan on EFnet. We're VERY few! (we're 5). I'm wondering if it's the "official" chan or if I'm on the right network. I think an IRC chan is a good idea, it's fun to chat real-time with members. 

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