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New IRC channel!

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We have changed the channel to #headphones. #headfi was in no way involved with the site, it happens that all the users are from head-fi.

Discuss headphones, audio, whatever... Be warned, this place isn't politically correct, anything goes.
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yes, it seemed that we were misrepresenting ourselves as an official channel, and as jude has no control or affiliation with the irc channel (other than the fact that he visits occasionally, like many others) we decided it was best to make the move now before we really entrenched ourselves and it became too late.

#headphones seems more general and more specific at the same time, it is a better fit

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we did not misrepresent, I clearly put "Unofficial" (which means non-bound to the subject at hand) in the previous IRC thread.
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hmm, well, I still belive there could be some confusion. I know that joining the channel #headfi implies some sort of affiliation. In addition, I have seen people ask after jude, thinking that he was somehow in control over the channel. Now, I don't see it as a big deal, but personally I would rather be safe and have the channel name be #headphones because it is more descriptive to those who aren't from head-fi and it keeps things straight.

Just my opinion.
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yah, some poor fools might have gotten the wrong idea.
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Just some comments on the IRC channel...

I want to make sure the invitation gets extended to everyone here. I think some people have gotten the wrong impression that there's some kind of clique or group mentality on the IRC channel or that we're in some way elitist or anti-HeadFi or something. Let me assure you that this is far from the truth of the matter.

The real advantage of IRC is that because its realtime, you can get to know the other guy a little better. That means that when I slap A&M down for saying something dumb about a piece of equipment he's never heard, I get a chance to remind him that we're still friends and it's all good within the next few minutes. Because forums are so message-in-a-bottle like, the continuity gets a little lost sometimes and we end up taking each other a bit too seriously.

IRC affords us a bit more freedom from political correctness, social policy and legal paranoia too. That is to say... if you can't discuss something on the forum and want to discuss it with people who typically hang out on the forum, IRC might be a good place for it. At the same time, though, be aware that if you're sensitive about something, the chances of you getting offended in that environment goes up dramatically. Consider it a trade-off.

I just wanted to make sure everyone understood that you're all welcomed there and that the channel move was in no way a protest against HeadFi. We're all very big fans of the forum, as most of you can tell, and I hope our occasional bitchiness about the heavy handed thread closing doesn't come across as anything more than that and that we'd still be glad to have the mods on the channel,too.
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Feel stupid asking, but what's an IRC channel? How do you access it? Can you see all the old threads/conversations or do they disappear?

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IRC is Internet Relay Chat.

It's realtime. Your client program may have a backlog/scrollback feature but it's client dependent and will only be good for the time your client was logged into a server.

You can get an irc client from When you're setting it up, you'll want to use one of the servers I listed above and port 6667 would be a good one to try. When the client has started, type /join #headphones.
post #9 of 51 is the best server I've used... just FYI for those who can't get on.
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good point to make kelly.

I would like to second what he said and encourage everyone here to stop by. We are in no way trying to break ourselves away from head-fi by changing the channel name, rather we are just trying to keep jude from having people complain to him when we act like idiots.

IRC is a real-time chat protocol, and it stands for internet relay chat. in order to participate you will need to get an IRC client. Popular ones are mIRC for windows and BitchX for linux. You need to log onto a server on the efnet network, kelly listed for you a couple of good ones, I use one from the netherlands that I have found works well for me. Once on efnet, join the channel #headphones (which can be accomplished many ways, but the easiest of which is probably typing /join #headphones)

hope to see you there!

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oops, kelly beat me to it. oh well.

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Originally posted by kelly
I hope our occasional bitchiness about the heavy handed thread closing doesn't come across as anything more than that and that we'd still be glad to have the mods on the channel,too.
"Occasional" is how often threads actually get closed on Head-Fi ("heavy handed?" LOL). The bitchiness about such occasional closings is ever-present. I have to admit that I stopped visiting the IRC channel after the IRC folks started whining so much about moderators doing their jobs.
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shrug, I think closing threads in the members lounge is stupid, but it's jude's policy, no big deal.

Flump, come back! Lumpkin was doing great just doing autoops.
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Sounds like a lot of work and effort just to talk to a smaller sub-section of the same monkeys I can talk to here with ease . So, the only benefit is I can type "sh*t" without the *, or talk about boobies?

Not only that but there are no database of topics to archive your thoughts, no way for others to benefit from your immense wisdom? Your remarks just evaporate into the ether? I can't hit the refresh button and watch all the numbers pile up in the "views" column? That doesn't sound like any fun at all!

Nah, I'll just hang here.

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Originally posted by Audio&Me
[B]shrug, I think closing threads in the members lounge is stupid, but it's jude's policy, no big deal.
Yes, because so many threads are closed here. Man, we've been criticized by a few for not closing threads enough, and now for closing them too much. Big group of people. Not everyone can be happy about everything. Sounds about right.
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