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Sony NW-HD5 coming June - maybe? - Page 2

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Hey thats so weird why have they released pictures on Amazon, no release date, nothing? BTW it looks ugly compared to the nw-hd1 and 3.
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Look at the size of it. As compared to those phones the unit itself is really tiny.
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Originally Posted by Latexxx
Look at the size of it. As compared to those phones the unit itself is really tiny.
yea. it looks tiny. i'm hoping the 5 in hd5 is not referring to 5gb. but looking at the size, it might be a micro-hdd player?
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Engadget says it is 20 gb and has more photos of it. See http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000420038937/
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I prefer this design over the original, if it's the final product.
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God its ugly, whoever designed it should be publicly beheaded. Nw-hd1 is definition of style. That is not, it looks plastic and dinky.
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Mmmmmmm, the date ion amazon for these is April 1st, they look photoshop jobs to me. I think a new one is coming but these look very un sony, the picture on engadget of the hand looks suspicious also, i am sure ive seen that hand somewhere else.
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looks like a fake to me too. i believed sony are into 'Groups', and not 'Playlist' as shown on the screen. that UI does not look typical sony, more like some korean or creative style UI.
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Hmm... looks like the display screen can be rotated 90 degree. So that's good since I prefer and find it easier to use by holding the player horizontally (like HD1/3) instead of the usual vertical design...
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Expect an official announcement about the NW-HD5 in the very, very near future.
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Quick story here http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news.php?newsId=1080. Looks like the display does rotate 90 degrees, depending on how you hold it. What I would love to see is updates to the HD1/HD3 series as well... I see "Playlist" in the screenshot. If that is a true playlist type feature, it needs to be added to all previous HDx models - and maybe even the flash players too. We'll see what info comes up this week.
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Wow, I think that looks pretty slick if that's how it'll look. I really like the rotatable display, I so said that was the best feature of the Rio Karma

Anyway, might be a reasonable purchase...if I didn't have like 15 too many portables already
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Very nice. My HD1 quivers! The styling is iPodesque. I like the look of the HD1/3. It would be nice to have the organic screens from 2nd gen HiMD player/recorders.
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I wish it didnt have the rounded corners that looked EXACTLY like the ipod... other than that i dont mind it too much astetically.

EDIT: i was looking around for more pictures and the look has grown on my surprisingly fast. I especially like the black with white text and black background.
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More NW-HD5 info

Sony UK Product News website has an announcement on the NW-HD5 that links to an article : Sony Product News .

Here's a 3D View of the NW-HD5.
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