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PM inbox irritation

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I'm sure I'm not the only one bitten by these two things

1) When you send a message to someone, and it turns out their inbox is full, you LOSE the entire message. It doesn't go into your "Sent" folder -- it just disappears.

2) Is the inbox limit getting smaller? It seems like every time I clean mine out, a few messages later it's full again. Right now I have only 9 messages in there and it says it's full. Any way to make it a bit bigger?

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I think it's currently set at 40. May be a bug in the software. Let me play with it and get back to you all.
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LOL, Jude, I just got an email from the forums that you sent me a PM, but when I went to my PM inbox there was no message.

uh-oh, did I break the forum?
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Nah, I'm testing some things.....sorry.....check your PM in a bit for a message from me.
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Okay, I've got a hypothesis.....

See, the maximum number of messages you could save was set at 40. I think the system counts all tracked messages, all sent messages, and all inbox messages in determining whether your box is full or not. So keep this in mind as you mange your message boxes. I may find out later I'm wrong about how it counts messages, but I don't think so.

Anyway, I've made a change....I've set the maximum number of total messages you can save to one.

Just kidding!

It's now set to 75.

-- Jude --
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Yes, Jude and I did some playing around with this, and I think his theory is correct. Many of you may never even have visited your "Message Tracking" folder, but it has the history of every PM you have ever sent. Turns out that's what was nailing me -- 30 or so "tracked" messages. So you should periodically clean that out.

Thomas, I tried to send you a PM but your "inbox" was full -- unfortunately I lost the whole thing...
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Sob Sob, I'm not popular enough to have the pleasure of having a full inbox!!

Oh well, less time reading PMs mean more time to listen to music
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guys, check all your folders. I was having the same problem, then realized there were a ton of sent messages in other folders. I haven't had a problem since.
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Mcdef- yep, sorry about that, i didn't know when i reached the limit, until you sent me that message... i got an email notification, and since then, i've cleaned up my PM folder...
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