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Thinking about picking up the Eastsound CD-E5

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EDIT: Here are the collected links that I gathered about this great CD player. If you have anything to add to this post please send me a PM.

EDIT2: I will leave the rest of the post/thread as is, but as most know I am now a proud owner of this CD player.

Just out of curiosity, what do you all think about the 'Eastsound CD-E5' that is on this site: http://www.cattylink.com/engproducts.htm

I was thinking about ordering one along with one of the spider racks that they sell. There is not much info on their site, but I asked them and they gave me this link for the CDP and this link for the rack which has some better pictures.

There is a post about this player over at the asylum as well: http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/dig...es/103017.html

He seems to like it.

There is also a review here: http://www.audiocostruzioni.com/r_s/.../esound-e5.htm

It's in Italian, but there is an English description further down the page.

Looking at the specs do you think this would be a good buy?

I've asked cattylink for a quote and it will be $779 US shipped for the CD player by itself and $937 US shipped for the CD player and the 3 level aluminum/wood spider rack.

Thanks in advance,
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I also just wanted to add that they have confirmed that they do have the 110v version in stock.
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whoops wrong thread of yours.

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I guess I will move my reply to the other thread then.
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Eastsound CD-E5

I'm also intrigued by this player, particularly after reading the AA thread. The parts seem first class, and it certainly looks well built!

My concern is for service/warranty and the resale value. Buying this seems like a real leap of faith as compared to buying something in the same price range like a used Jolida 100, which you could turn around and resell for minimal loss if it wasn't your cup of tea.

If you do take the leap of faith and get the Eastsound, please do post your impressions!
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I think I probably will as I am feeling adventurous.
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Spider Racks


Also let us know how the spider rack works out - they look very nice as well, kind of a clone of the Pagode Spider Rack. I like the idea of low mass and no shelves - less energy storage and less to vibrate. I'm particularly curious as to the fit and finish.


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Will do.

I am thinking about getting glass shelves for it if that works better with my components, but that might detract from the overall design of the spider rack so I'm not sure.

Looking at E&T's site, the centre 'gear like' thingy allows you to change the way the spiders legs splay out... So you could tailor it to your gear. I'm assuming that the default configuration offers the best support though.
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SPider Rack

I would try it without the glass shelves first. Those plastic thingies on the wood cross-braces can be slid along the length of the cross brace to best support your equipment.

You can always get shelves later.
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The only reason that I thought the shelves might be better is that they introduce a new material into the mix. That and both of my components have isolation spikes built in and I'm not sure if I could situate all 4 to sit on the X. I will try it without first though.
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I am also thinking of purchasing the esound. . It would be nice if it could play dvd-A also--i guess i am wanting too much--SACD is not bad at all.

Also looking at the Northstar M192 upsampling dac .

If any of you have the esound--what do you think of it so far.I quess my main concern is getting here in one piece.Even though cattylink--MR law has been very professional so far.


It just looks like a fantastic deal.

My first post here -=-=-=-=
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Unless I am missing something, the Esound is not a SACD player.

I'm not aware of anyone on here that owns the Esound, but as soon as mine arrives I will be sure to give some initial impressions, pics and comments on cattylinks packaging. I will hopefully follow up with a full review of the Veda Audio Dynahi and the Eastsound CD-E5 in a month or so.
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You are right--my mistake--it is not sacd.

This is also an e-mail i recieved from catty--this e-mail was in response to me asking them do they sell any players that can read sacd and dvd-a together




Cattylink Analog Research
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I've personally decided to stay away from the new formats as they both have issues, have not been accepted widely and as a result there is not enough music available on them. After hearing a high end CD Player and a good SACD player at the Chicago meet I think that your money is better spent on a really good CD player as opposed to a decent universal unit.
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Hey, I found their website: http://www.east-sound.com.cn/g16.htm

You can translate it to engrish on babelfish.
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