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I wonder if anyone here has comments or maybe even personal experience with the fujitsu lifebook P-2040 (or P-2046) subnotebooks (use your favorite search engine to find out the details). This small (10.6"x7") notebook appears to be one of the very few notebooks with a true line-out (!) and a digital optical-out (!). This makes it potentially a hot source for headphone listening.

Think of all the possibilities: (1) Use an amp with the true line-out. (2) Use an external DAC with the optical-out. (3) Record to minidisc using the optical-out. (4) Burn CDR(W) with the builtin combined DVD-CDRW. (5) Watch DVDs. (6) Plug in a 40GB HDD and make it the ultimate jukebox. (7) Combine points (1) to (6) with Dolby-Headphone processing (!!).

The questions are: Has anybody actually tried this? How is the sound quality when used as a transport (optical-out), compared to a cheap portable CD player with optical-out, or compared to some more expensive transport? What is the sound quality of the line-out (internal DAC)? Is there any kind of disturbing interference background noise in any of the audio outputs? Do the power-saving features of the Transmeta Crusoe CPU work well enough so that the fan does not come on during the intended kind of use? How noisy is the fan anyway? Is the CPU fast enough (800MHz Crusoe is slower than 800MHz Intel)? Battery life (for audio only with LCD screen off)? Anything else?

Your comments are appreciated.