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FS: Sound Dynamics 300Ti Speakers - $300 Budget Fave!

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These 3-way stand mounted budget speakers are a favorite of the Absolute Sound's HP. Big, bold sound; surprisingly extended bass to 34 Hz for a box this size (24h x10.5d x11w); extended, sweet highs from the non-metallic sounding titanium tweeter. Works well with tubes or SS. Black Ash cabinets in very good condition. Original box for shipping - $300 plus shipping.

Lovan 16" stands (sand or lead fillable) also available for additional $100 plus shipping - no box but will pack well.

Pictures available on request.
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I'm very interested in these Sound Dynamics 300Ti Speakers you're selling.  Would you please send me an email to me at:

thetubeguy1954(at)yahoo(dot)com to let me know if they're still available or not?  I won't purchase any other speakers, so I'll have the cash available, until I hear from you either way!


Thanks for your time,



Thetubeguy1954 (Tom Scata)

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--- William Shakespeare 

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Your first post is trying to buy something from a post dated more than 6 years ago...

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