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Currently being auctioned on Audiogon with no reserve:

This is a non-plastic, one owner, Acurus CD player. Made by the company that made Aragon equipment. It is well built and has military quality electronics which is the hallmark of Aragon/Acurus. It works perfectly and has no cosmetic flaws on the CD player itself. There are three issues that made this unit hard to AGS rate. I'm going with 7/10 not because there are any scratches on the player, but because of the things described in detail below.

The first one is that the remote has a plastic cover that should have been taken off when new. Now it is flaking where I tried to remove it. This is purely cosmetic, the new owner may be able to take off with the right cleaner and elbow grease.

The second issue is that this unit made a whirring sound when ejecting the disc. I was told that this in normal, and the unit has had it from day one. This CD player plays perfectly and ejects the disc smoothly and perfectly.

The third issue is that two of the plastic feet covers have shifted over time due to heat from an amp. Easily repaired, but I left it for the new owner so there would be no questions regarding the true state of this CD-Player.