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Trouble With R700 HP jack

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Lately, my Sony R700 MD recorder/player has been giving me all hell............the headphone jack has somehow developed some sort of intermittency problem.

When I'm standing completely still, with the MD just laying on a table, for instance, I'm fine - after I fiddle with the jack a little.

But my MD is for portable use.......and this little guy is not doing ANYTHING portably because the slightest pressure on the headphone jack - i mean, barely rubbing the headphone's plug area.........replaces my usually enjoyable, crisp, clear ATRAC SP mode sound with......GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Does anyone have any experiences with such problems?

Also - I was wondering - would the Sharp SR60 be a sonic upgrade from the R700 as far as sound quality is concerned?
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Welcome to the club vij, my E75 went intermittant on me (both jacks!).
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My E75 had that problem with the 2nd jack, the one without remote functions.

After opening it up and looking at the jack under a microscope I saw that the solder joint had broken. With a plug in the jack I just wiggled it a little and saw the broken joint. Probably from the size and stiffness of the plug on my Grado SR60. I carry the MD player in my front pocket and do alot of sitting and standing.

But fixing it was easy. I just took a small tipped soldering iron and remelted the solder joints. All in all it took about 15 min. including rounding up all the tools, jeweler's screwdriver and soldering iron, from a few different rooms here at work.

So anyone with an intermittent jack on a portable that IS out of warranty open it up and take a look! If it's too scary you can always put the covers back on without trying to repair it.
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Damn, so it seems these Sonys aren't all that great..........

Hmm, I did open up - i think i'll go in for the operation this weekend.

For now, I'm getting my mom ready to blow 200 bucks this summer on one of those SUPER looking black 707s..........

Or maybe I'll get an SR60.

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Cool- Good Luck. It's really simple!
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I wish i knew how to use a soldering iron, i would give it a chance.
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