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it was very pleasent doing business with bobeau. i sold him a cable but it was defected. he wasnt hesitated, and agree to send it back and i sent a working on. he kept good communication and remained friendly.
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Warp speed shipping. This guy Bobeau is a great person to do business with. Excellent product. Will Do biz again gladly. Thank you.
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Bought my A900s from me. Got payed right when he said I would. Nice in emails and always responded. Would do busniess with him again.

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I sold Beau an Audio Technica L3000. He promptly sent a money order and made for an problem free transaction. I would do business with him again. Thanks Beau!
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Bought his A900s, great transaction: well packed original box, mint condition, fast shipping! Just wish I could read Kanji! It's kind of a thrill (an extremely geeky one) to have a piece of electronics actually made in Japan..
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Sold him a pair of RCA ICs. He is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with him again!
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Absolutely terrific transaction. Just a pleasure to deal with and I hope to again! Let me know when you're ready to upgrade to the Wolff cables!!
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i sold my ec7 to beau recently and felt that it was one of the easiest transactions that i've ever had. communication was smooth and he was very quick to pay once he decided that he wanted the headphones. i would not hesitate to deal with him again!
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I sold Beau a Theta TLC...payment was quick and the transaction effortless. Would definitely do business again!
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Purchased a used dialogue II from bobeu, it was shipped fast, and arrived in excellent condition. Would buy from him again.
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I bought Beau's L3000 drivers. Transaction took a whole 10 minutes to complete and they were then shipped. They came in packaged very well and just as described. 1 working 1 not. Thanks a lot! I hope to get these fixed.

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Very nice seller and fast communication. Shipped when promised. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks!
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I bought Beau's L3000s; what a great seller. One should have no worries when ordering from Beau.
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I sold beau my Shure IEMs. He was really quick to pay and was a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely deal with him again
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A pair of very excellent q-JAYS were purchased by Beau from me and the entire experience was smooth as butter. Communication was fantastic and payment was quick. I would not hesitate to deal with him again!

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