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Originally Posted by ericj View Post
Didn't Rotel ship one of their (toshiba/aurex) back-electret cans with both circum & supra pads?
You have a good memory. I was, for 0.25 sec, going to mention it, but the post was already too long and besides the chances of us getting 1 HR-910, much less 4, are... well, really small. But yes, there were several good ideas wrapped up in a nice package in that headphone, and they all died quiet, whimpering deaths.
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If they weren't so expensive, the Beyer gel pads might work.
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I looked into the gel pads before, they lok like they might work really well except for the relatively large ear volume which would limit bass and slam. It's a little pricey for a tester though.
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Originally Posted by wualta View Post
In a way, the ideal earpad would be one built up from discs of soft leather. DAC, take note. I'd love to see you get some real bass from the HOK. The original earpads were thin leatherette. See what you can do with some thick-walled earpads. That's the stuff you need.
That's a very good tip. I was just going to make pads filled with cotton! This rules it out.

Layers of soft leather could be expensive (Unless I one uses less expensive leather for the inner layers, maybe, and make thin pads...) Perhaps I will try dense foam first and see if the pads has any effect at all on the bass of the HOK. Thick walls does not add much to the cost so that is a good idea regardless.

EDIT: I will make a compromise, and start out with three layers of soft leather and see if that becomes soft and springy enough to make a good seal. Then I will test with a thick foam ring below that to see if there is any difference. I know already from the Grundig, that foam alone does not seal well enough, and that thin happy-wrap plastic around soft padding does not work either.

EDIT2: Waiting for the glue to dry. Meanwhile, I enjoy the Grundig which sounds great now with the reflex dot / disc mods. It has responded to all the usual tricks.
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Good pads are so rare, I'd love to get some specified and made myself.

Talking about pads, I finally found a pic of the latest T50 with new pads. They are a real step up from the old crappy pad by the look of things

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With three layers of leather (and some poor fastening to the HOK), I gained some 15hz compared to no pads at all.

I tried to get it even deeper by adding some fluffy foam, but that produced the opposite effect. Less bass. However, when doing that I also added extra glue, which made the flat pads better.
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Dmitriy gets credit for posting the first photos (the first I ever saw, at any rate) of the neu Fostex pads, but as always, the problem with replacement earpads is cost, cost, cost. In the case of the Fostex pads, which are actually affordable, the problem is availability times 3.

Cotton would be okay if it were soaked in oil, or something even more dense, water. You'd just refill your pads every week..

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*subliminal suggestion mode engaged*

.......think 'weatherstrip'........

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... meanwhile, as the master modders argue, I finish the pad design wualta suggested. I should get another HOK and a piece of weatherstrip, and make a showdown...
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Originally Posted by Faust2D View Post
Ok. I have an interesting development re T20 and T50 pads. I can get them from Japan. The price at the current exchange rate (88.5¥ for 1$) comes out to $20 for T20v2 pads and $25 for T50RP pads. On top of that there is a flat $10 fee and shipping in Japan (~$9) and from Japan to NYC (~$8 via slow as sh$t SAL).

Anyone wants to order them with me in a bulk order to spread the cost of shipping and $10 fee? I was thinking I will need one T20 and one T50 set.
Speaking of Fostex pads, please PM me if you want to order them from Japan as I am trying to get a list together to finalize pricing, type and amount of pads. I will have to add shipping to your location to the final Japanese price (Fostex Japan price at current exchange rate, commission, shipping from Japan to me). I was told that Fostex Japan has T20 and T50 pads in stock. I think it will be somewhat expansive as per my previous email, but cheaper if we get them all at the same time.
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Oooh, tempting.....
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The WU-pad for the HOK80

I've finished the new lambskin pads for the HOK80. I call them the WU-pads, since they follow the Wualta receipie. (I still do not have any weatherstrip so that wasn't an option today.)

I think these are worthy to be attached to the pinnacle of eastern european ortho technology.

Do they work as Wualta predicted? I think so

The yellow headbands are there since I don't want to attach anything permanently just yet. As you also can see on the pictures below, there is a lot more leather (a few mm) than strictly needed to cover the pads. That's to stop bass from sneaking in between the cup and the pads.

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Originally Posted by DefectiveAudioComponent View Post
I've finished the new lambskin pads for the HOK80. I call them the WU-pads, since they follow the Wualta receipie. (I still do not have any weatherstrip so that wasn't an option today.)

I think these are worthy to be attached to the pinnacle of eastern european ortho technology.
Wow! Could you make a step-by-step pictorial on how you made them for us noobs?
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That looks great DAC, nice work!

I gotta get me more leather, I used most of mine recovering the Woofdales. It's fun making your own pads.

My next project, leather covered weatherstrip hehe

I also tracked down another set of woofeys, so depending on how much he wants for them and whether he'll send them to the US, I'll either buy them or I'll pass the deal onto one of you monkeys. I want to do a complete woofey makeover to see what they can really do but I want to keep my current ones in original condition.

Walt, they're on their way to you and should arrive before the weekend.
Ludo, Don, the Yams went out Yesterday and should be there soon.
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I'd be interested in hearing some woofeys.

I can call up the number Fostex USA gave me as a last try for cheap Fostex parts not from Japan.

Edit: Haha, they're so good at customer service. The automated lady said "We're too busy to do that right now." That's not even the proper way to say no one's bothered to pick up the phone.

Edit 2: I'll try again tomorrow since they're probably closing soon. If they ever open in the first place. Here's the number in case anyone else feels like pestering them. 973-394-0015 X-207. Screw them.
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