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Originally Posted by Kabeer View Post

Is anyone here going to CanJam 2015 in London this weekend?

(curious to see if any vintage orthos are going to be present).

My HP-1 Aniso and hopefully NAD RP-18 Kapton will be there :cool:


Edit: Neither will be modded very much as my desktop amp broke so I have nothing to test them with.

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If only I still lived in London :(

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Thanks to all the guys for encouraging me to go out and get some conductive ink.

I found some silver ink for model train sets locally. 


There is life once more in the driver. It functions beautifully.

On full range sweeps I think it dips a tiny bit in the upper treble, which is minor in my opinion. Otherwise it sounds great :)


I guess pics will follow soon ;)

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Great, nice info. Looking forward for pics ..

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