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couple of new designs for 38mm (SFI or whatever) drivers




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So I got the memory foam HM5's, their pleather isn't as soft as the regular ones, the foam disc is stiffer and the extra distance from the drivers is a no-go in my case. I've let them sleep under a huge pile of books, maybe that'll help.


BTW, why don't the neo-ortho designers learn from the vintage ones? The Hifiman manager told me that he never heard a yamie, this might be true after all.


1) Lame attemps at damping: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/audeze-lcd-x-fazor-and-fresh-listen-current-lcd-2-and-lcd-3


Angel Hair would be far more effective.


2) Hifiman finally discovering the Bellini headband that was introduced with the HP1 in 1975, it's about time....especially when you make such heavy phones. The good news is that Audeze will have to bite too because their 650g LCD-XC must be pure torture and would become far more manageable with a Bellini duh.

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Interesting point.  May not be necessary but you would think that if one was developing a \nü-ˈvō\ ortho thing you would get your hands on as many as you could to see what the various design parameters do to the end results.

Guess anything is possible


I wish they did that we might be sitting on a few more new portable ones these days. Not portable 50 lbs-move-it-with-a-crane but actual smaller on the go types.


Increasing distance with pads I find often makes the sound murkier.

Twaron would make a great selling feature/partnership because of what it adds as well as subtracts :beerchug:  Something like what foam tip companies do with IEMs

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I still wonder why no one has made a modern T10 equivalent yet...

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RP18 Kapton reporting:


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velour?  doesnt the bass suffer greatly with those?  Nice score lee.

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The back is pleather so it's entirely acceptable bass-wise but this phone is way too heavy to my taste anyway, 432g without a Bellini headband is unmanageable.


BTW, anyone's got a YH1 to trade around here? I couldn't care less about the condition of the shell as I'd be transplanting the drivers. I've got a good bunch of rare vintage orthos I could trade for it :happy_face1:

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How about an HP-2? I have two pair and one of them isn't in the greatest shape. They do sound quite good, vary close to my t40rp and t50rp's.

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Originally Posted by ballhead View Post

couple of new designs for 38mm (SFI or whatever) drivers




Great work, I think we need a new thread on a new forum where we can all sell and swap some of our best builds.

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I tried but forgot to hit refresh because it was early in the morning and missed it by a minute...Oh well another one will show up.

Pics saved for posterity.



Looks to me like a Victor OEM along the likes of the Akai ASE40 types?

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new arrivals ?

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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post

new arrivals ?

for some other lucky person, but not mine unfortunately :(


 I missed them by only a few minutes, the browser needed a manual refresh but I forgot to do that. Just wanted to post the pictures because real pictures are always better than grainy old catalog ones.

 Hope it was someone in here ( Yahoo Japan )

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Is there some info that its Ortho?

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yes here :)

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