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Got Fostex T20RP v2, in stock form with stock pads. Sounds good better than current stock T50RP. Bass impact is good and is fast enough, mid range is warm. Sound stage is also good. Only things which is lacking is highs, seems they roll off quickly.


They also have a headstrap, wondering why the new T50rp comes without them.

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I've just received my Alpha pad ... can't say anything but THEY KICK ASS §! :eek:


Ultra comfy, and overall enhancement of the SQ and the SS. The most chocking thing is they give a huge bass boost ! With my mod I had ultra tight bass but no depth, well the Alpha pads solved the problem :D 


They're really a HUGE improvement for your headphone :)


Thanks a lot Mr Speakers !



Photo 1 of 2


Below my Yamaha YH-100 with J$ pad (huge thanks for everything Lee Perry :D )


Photo 2 of 2

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ATH-2 drivers in a decrepit ATH-M45 housing with detachable cable.

Dampened with newplast.  SRH840 pads.


If I didn't know any better, I would think this is a legit headphone just by the sound, know what I mean?  Now I just need some material to kill the cup reverb.  What should I use?  Angel hair, I figure?

I'm getting a flat-ish FR, except for the hill in the treble centered at ~11kHz.  The sound reminds me a lot of SA3000, but without killing my ears and the bass thumps more.



I tried the drivers in a spare DT770 housing, but to get that to work well I will need to be able to build my own custom primary chamber, the Beyer "crown" will simply not do, probably something similar to to what A2000X/W1000X use if not an enalrged version of what Beyer drivers use in DT770 variants.


I still need to pretty much do the same for this AT housing to max out the bass response and soundstaging.

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I love my ATH-2 after redampening, refilling pads and recabling to light short cable. And ATH-2 housing looks so cool, retro and also I like that they looks not like any other headphones, especially not like Beats and clones :)


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Any of you have the mr speakers maddogs? I'd like to see inside one and compare it to my own custom t50rp othro's, my best guess is those super nice ear pads have more to do with the improvements over anything else done inside. I've been away from hf for a bit but i do mean to post more detailed images of the 3d printed ortho's i made and links for the .stl files for others to print. Ill be updating this thread shortly but till then i have a few images posted.  3D Printed headphones (wip) 

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I just pulled the trigger on the memory foam HM5's, time will tell whether it was a good idea as I really love the regular ones :atsmile:

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Lets hope you didn't just shot yourself in the foot or is it ear? Hey when they show up how about posting some measurements like how deep they are and how far they compact when on the head. I'm always looking for large comfy ear pads that don't squish my brain.

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leeperry and his incoming new pad variant :"Looking forward to impressions" / "I can't wait" as the youts like ta say these dayz.


 For those purists with Yamahey HP-50 types, I saw some brown pads that might work, their normal target demographic is the Sony PiiQ so a bit unsure as to exact dimensions, but I can ask if you like. A bit better than black pads with the clashing brown headband padding.

Yes I realize you can't see them when on, but you're buying the whole schtick when you get them, the idea, so this seals the deal up nicely.

If someone knows the dimensions before I get to it please post up.




 Incidentally his HD-25 pad replacements are a nice soft cushy job. I can post pics later and measurements if anyone cares ( currently on some Yamaha YHE-90 )

  Seller is really decent I've been back multiple times. It's the fella that used to include a postcard ( forget if he still does ) and a well wishes greetings note.


Did I mention THANKS for the iFogs pads idea, Imight have, anyhow thanks, will be tracking some of those little lifesavers ( lifesavers-size, and yes saved me ) down locally.

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Well just looking at them i know exactly the kind of material they are and a pretty good guess at the foam that will be inside. You do not want those pads, that kind of material gets really hot and doesn't breath it also tends to make crinkling sounds as you move around. Same kind of pads knock off headphones you find at somewhere like big lots where the whole headphone only costs $9.99. If you must get that type of pad they can be found for a lot cheaper.

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yeah those types are pretty bad, I suppose brown ones can be had elsewhere. I might throw a set in my next order to one billion percent confirm that the one percent chance of them filled with softer foam is true :)

Probably not much difference to the Sony 150/200 things.


I see you spyin' bucketinabucket ! Any trials with that fuzzy yellow stuff yet ?:ph34r::popcorn: 

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I see you spyin' bucketinabucket ! Any trials with that fuzzy yellow stuff yet ?:ph34r::popcorn: 

Shh I'm a ninja mate.


Not yet, I've been a lazy dude lately :o

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

leeperry and his incoming new pad variant :"Looking forward to impressions" / "I can't wait" as the youts like ta say these dayz.


Sure thing!


Anyone knows whether the HM5 pads would fit the RP18?

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Hy I have read this forum for a while, but still this is my first time writing here. (The joke is my handmade diy tube amplifiers have been shown here before. :) )

Now I got some interesting here! 

I have bought a faulty Beyerdynamic DT770Edition 32Ohm and I have replaced the stock drivers with drivers from my old Hok 80.

Here is the pictures from my blog (of course there is much more hifi thing in this blog) 



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