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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

So I got my hands on some rare Technics 810 in pretty good working order. Like, still has plastic wrap on the headband. Not too sure what I want to do with these yet... 

That should be obvious. You want to mail them off to ME!


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I'm thinking I might even just sell them. Don't have too much time to spare these days to play with modding, and a bit of extra cash never hurts. Or just trade them for other gear maybe.

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

no WAY! i think those are some of the best looking vintage orthos ever made. No joke.

Wonder if you can put a very tiny tiny bit of silicone grease on those hinge points. Thhe stuff doesn't ruin plastic as far as I know since plumbers use it. It's super cheap.

Now you need an HP-50 to keep the colour scheme rolling along.


Well then, don't let me to try to dissuade you!

Yes, silicone grease is 100% safe for plastics.  I'll give it a try. 

An HP-50 wasn't on my list, but then, I don't actually have a list so maybe.  These are actually pretty worthy.

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