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Thanks for the replies guys. You know I almost passed these by but then saw the Leak name and thought... hmmm...vintage valve amps...troughline... quality stuff.
Amazingly though I still didn't buy them straight off - worried about the wife's disapproving looks...what another set of headphones! Anyway got over that. They sound quite clear in the mid, a little recessed in the treble and bass again a bit curtailed but they're a fun and communicative listen overall. I ran them off a Asus usb soundcard (which drove them surprisingly well) just to try but I'll dig out the MF X-Cans and give them a whirl before any mods
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So they sound mid centric? May be because of open back and design of pads.

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The Leak will not fit big heads and bass is AWOL from a headamp, might need to be tapped straight off a speakers amp like the ID1.

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Yeah MuZo2, I'd say definite bias toward the mid. The treble isn'the particularly extended but inoffensive, the bass you can follow the line but doesn't go too low.
I use to have a QED box to connect direct to speaker terminals...not sure where that is
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Wharfedale Isodynamics

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These old orthodynamics, well these Leaks specifically, have grown on me. Their sound signature doesn't immediately seem special, but longer term you kind of realise they're delivering something subtle and nuanced (at least to my ears) in comparison to some modern cans. Again I need to probably drive them properly and I will start to look at tweaking em but the sound is really rather fine as is
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Good to know you are enjoying them in stock form.

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SAE 7000 are they dynamic or orthos?

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Same model as Wharfedale ID2.  (Leak bought out Wharfedale sometime, mid 70s)

I have a pair. More sensitive than the originals, but not as detailed, I'd say.

I can run them from my Matrix Head amp, whereas I need to use a Hafler DH200 to run the originals!

Not cheap. Bought my set for £100 in '13; neat, with original box, but may sell on, as I only mainly use the ID1s.

Nice to see the insides as I daren't take mine apart!


Fool that I am, I once had an NOS set of ID1s....and re-sold!Quote:

Originally Posted by fivefinger View Post

I found these Leaks for £10 in a junk shop. Like them bit any worthwhile mods?
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Seems ASE-40 has magnets  only at back, on front it has just a plastic grill.

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Rare enough that I've never seen one sold before.

Is it just me, or are they really cool looking headphones?

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Confirmed ASE-40 has magnets on only one side 3.25mm thick with very small square holes.

The diaphragm is glued on ring and connections are not soldered.

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Connections are not soldered?

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