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A bigger shell and a shiny copper cable that's not decades old would pay in cash SQ-wise IMHO, the ATH-2 is semi-open and you sure are getting tons of inner-cup resonances.


A friend of mine fit some of those 38mm drivers into an Alessandro MS1 shell, now this is open. Who needs damping:atsmile: 

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And because this thread is useless without pics:


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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post

Headphones are named KO-STAR. Baffles are not angled.


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So guys, I made the purchase. It turns out that the headphones at the store I mentioned earlier were not YH-1's, but in fact YH-100's. I brought the price down to $175 and they're in great condition. The only con I've found is that the highs are slightly muffled. Will adding felt damping help with that?


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Good buy. What amp are you using?
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Right now it's the TubeMagic D1, but I'll be buying the Lyr 2/ Bifrost (2?) later.

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This is the amp I have and this is a great deal. It can power my 5le which is no easy task. It made my yh100 very loud at half volume. The yh need a powerhouse and this gives a great bang for your buck.
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Oh the TubeMagic is fine, I have my PC's volume on 60% and the dial is on less than half. Would the mod mentioned here be a good idea?



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Everybody's doing it. I would have but I sold my pair for 300 dollars about a year ago.
You should also try to find a way to beef up those pads. I still have dimples in my ears.
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How would I go about disassembling them to get inside the driver housing? I do think new pads will help, because when I move them slightly further off of my ears, it sounds much less muffled.

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@spbach - 175$ for YH-100, nice buy. How do they sound stock?

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Originally Posted by spbach View Post

I do think new pads will help


http://www.head-fi.org/t/111193/orthodynamic-roundup/20745#post_8848989 :evil:

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They actually sound very good for being 30+ years old, it's slightly muffled because of the drivers being too close to the ears (old pads) and I think that adding damping and new pads will improve the sound greatly. Before I take them apart I want to see how to disassemble them.
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How easy were those to put on? Did they just slip over or do I need to use double-sided tape?

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