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Well I use a dedicated headphone amp.

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Continuation of my portable DiY ortho modding journey.


So, I finally came up with name for it. Argentum (latin for silver) because of its silver cups. Ironically, I bought some toxic cables copper cable to recable it with because I'm a cheapskate but am getting tired of the crappy old cable I used. The 3D-printed baffles I commissioned arrive today too so I got to work modding it. It's actually the second set of baffles I commissioned because the first set didn't fit onto the metal cups.

Glamour shot of the Argentum complete with the plastic baffles.

Picture diary! (Click to show)

Couple glamour shots of the baffles. Quite well-made considering they only took 2 business days to arrive including the day I ordered them.

Piece of wool lining the cups and arctic bamboo covering the vent I made in the cups.

Recently did a partial MarkL mod on my D2K so I had the white foam fibre glass thing stuff left over. Guess what I did with it?

Donut of felt over the rear of the driver too.

Sealed the driver to the baffle with blu-tak.

Piece of arctic...(I forgot oops) over the driver.

Glamour shots of the headphones. Those scratches though...


Sub-bass, nice to hear you again; I missed you! Also, much better bass in general, they hit normally instead of like a wet fish on concrete. A sensible level of treble too but less soundstage size as a result of the fibreglass stuff filling a large part of the cup.

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What pads are those?

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Genuine ESW9 pads I ordered because I liked how they were made of real leather which feels great. Quite expensive though.

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YH-5M on taobao for $1794.73:basshead:


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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post

YH-5M on taobao for $1794.73:basshead:

Somehow I'm not surprised tongue.gif
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Rare as hen's teeth though.

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Originally Posted by BucketInABucket View Post


Sub-bass, nice to hear you again; I missed you! Also, much better bass in general, they hit normally instead of like a wet fish on concrete.




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Originally Posted by k3oxkjo View Post




Lol that is brilliant :D

Mini-update on the Argentum. I had a spair pair of slightly flat HD25 ALU stock pads lying around and decided to try them since they were just about the right size to fit on the baffle. They increase bass impact slightly but reduce soundstage too. Hmm...


EDIT: Also increased treble quantity, which is a no-no for me. Basically, they make the Argentum more V-shaped. ESW9 pads win!


EDIT 2: Seems like the sound signature of the Argentum is heavily affected by its position on my ears. Further back means a more treble-heavy sound, further forward the opposite of course.

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Just arrived. My new walkaround phones I think.

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Doesn't "Dynamic" more commonly refer to moving-coil drivers?

Maybe they were taking a leaf out of Yamaha's books and simply shortened "orthodynamic."

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They look like ATH OEMs, but we have seen dynamic drivers in such cups before. Are these planar magnetic? It is possible that dynamic refers to the driver being dynamic ( classic voice coil driver )



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Google images show ortho driver. Also wikiphonia states its ortho.

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I'm pretty sure it is an AT oem, which also went under other brands like Vivanco....

and some of them did house moving-voice-coil drivers.... I guess that would explain it.

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Yeah VIVANCO SR75 looks same, is it using dynamic driver?

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