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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

141 shells and any of those AKG types are a ridiculous pain to open and close, not a typical way. And also the gimbals that hold the drivers in some are a real chore. Search through here for Armaegis' AKG k240 to Sextett transplant in his profile. A real chore.

And not to mention all the openings to try out various things.


Ugh yeah... there's a reason that project has been on the backburner for ages now. AKG shells are non-mod friendly.

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What would be a good price for T20V2 drivers? Currently spotted one on ebay and can get it for $58 shipped to the US, then some more to ship  just the drivers (since the guy doesn't ship direct) to HK.

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Are you talking the old round drivers, or the RPmk2?

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The old round ones that apparently sound better.
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Sorry for my non-answer last night; I know it doesn't help. orz
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That's alright. Currently dreaming up mods and transplants that I can do. Right now, I'm thinking of transplanting Fostex T20V2 drivers into the Pickering OA-7.

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Only limit in here is your imagination, and how much of a fuss you wish to go to. There are plenty of cheap vintage things around for donor shells also, really depends on individual tastes and creativity.


That question about what is a great thing to use is completely individual and open ended.  Be sure to have fun no matter what, be patient ( frustration is a key part of all this ), run on instinct, and  check in here with pictures to add to the awesomeness of this thread no matter how small.

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Originally Posted by BucketInABucket View Post

That's alright. Currently dreaming up mods and transplants that I can do. Right now, I'm thinking of transplanting Fostex T20V2 drivers into the Pickering OA-7.

What nick n said.


YHD-1 works and sounds real good in Fostex T10. You Do have to make a baffle, though, since the T10 is One With the baffle.

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There has been a few smaller drivers transplanted into Pickering shells here in the past, so search "Pickering" within this thread ( "Search This Thread" magnifying Glass icon at the top of this page ) and you can see what was done. SFI drivers are about 38-40mm by the way.

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It required a dremel and a good deal of faith. 

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I've done a couple tranplants like that. It starts off with a cool idea, you prep things, mount up a driver, then put the baffle/cup/whatever back on and oops... it doesn't fit. So grind grind grind with a dremel. Still doesn't fit. Grind grind grind some more. Still doesn't fit. Start looking at "non critical structural support" things that you can cut out, and grind some more. Then a little bit of crazy glue and/or bondo, presto chango, brand new headphone!



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Got a pair of T20V2 drivers for ~$74...Worth it or not?
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Yeah I'd say so. There's some great potential in those from what I gather. Interested to see what you decide to use for a shell

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Primary objective is the Pickering OA-7. Buying a backup shell in case it doesn't work (if it does, I'll stick drivers from an TDS-5 or 5M inside instead).
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