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Originally Posted by Kabeer View Post

Ideas for repairing a snapped Frame (Yamaha YH-1)

Also worked well to add a tiny dab to the cracks in the headband using a toothpick, and held in place with a paper clip. The araldite standard formed a strong connection with flexibility.

You could also add thin layers of paint in the cracks to make it almost seamless. 

Or just add a thicker layer or two, filling all the cracks, then sand it down, and finish again with a very thin layer or two. 

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Originally Posted by GREQ View Post

You could also add thin layers of paint in the cracks to make it almost seamless. 

Or just add a thicker layer or two, filling all the cracks, then sand it down, and finish again with a very thin layer or two. 


I did add paint a little bit in seams after that but didnt want to do too much as i was happy with the result it looks quite good in real life (see below), and didnt wanna play around too much when the job was done heh.



anyway this is a good idea for a fix for anyone, and id reccomend light use of araldite.

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Yeah - it's almost always safer to do too little than too much.

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today my "newest" cans a.k.a Fostex T10 would arrive..
i purchased it from my forum member on my local forum, such a waste if i let it pass since its a quite rare one...
looking for a replacement to my HP1 aniso at home, as a compliment to my silver fork T30 modded..
well i just used to like how Fostex or OEM's like NAD complete my need&preferences..
not that HP1 aniso are bad one, but i just love Fostex much more than Yammy's soundsig..
HP1 aniso are a superb cans to me really, no doubt about it..
Hope would find a good home for this Yammy later..

several weeks ago on a local meet, i had a chance to auditioned a NOS&super mint Fostex T10 that my pal had grab on intl' auction..
I never heard what its in a stock form before, only heard a modded one that Questa had purchased from BMF and even its a good one, its sounds too linear sounding to my ears..too bright for my taste, and its not suite with my preferences..
i kinda dislike T10 based on that experiences..i guess i kinda unfair for this one...

But, after heard what its like in stock form, a turnover from my last experience...
wow, its sound so close to my modded T30's...only less extend, less powerfull&less detailed..
but both share the same soundsig of Fostex, the thing that i would only achieve from Fostex (and other OEM's like NAD)..
The speed, the low notes, that form beautifully headstage from every single notes, all together make the soundsig are equal...
i and him agreed that T10 even stock are very listenable, maybe a simple mod might make it perfect, especially on the edge..
but its amaze me cos it sound acceptable even from stock..even much more balance&better than my T30 when stock..

thats why i look for myself a pair of T10 (that still affordable) to replace HP1 aniso, as a compliment to my T30's..
i just knew that the one i purchased are the second pair that Questa had purchased+modded by BMF along time ago..
Questa sold the first one and purchase another pair, but i havent had a chance to heard it either..
I would share how much the difference between BMF modded T10's that Questa purchased later, so stay tune... wink.gif
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Congrats! A modded T10 is one of the few vintage orthos I regret trading away.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Congrats! A modded T10 is one of the few vintage orthos I regret trading away.


Did you ever have trouble with discomfort due to clamping pressure?

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Not really. I'm guessing the one I had was already stretched out? It clamped less than an HD25, maybe the same as an ESW9

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no clamping issues here either.

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hmm... I guess it's just me then. Would it be blasphemous to expand the headband slightly?

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T10 clamping are comfort enough for me though...even more lighter than my T30's base on it smaller size.. smily_headphones1.gif

OK, my first impression on BMF modded second pair of T10 maybe would dissapoint you guys, cos i like the stock form better..
I notice that BMF tune this cans for Donny a.k.a Questa preference, that might be different to me..
last night, after listened to that modded cans several hours, i open up the cup and turn em back to original stock form..
i still keeping all the ingredients that have used before for future use, if i need it or change my mind..
but for now, i prefer em sound balance like they used to be in their stock form..too bad one of the emblem had lost...
earpads have crack all over the place, like my HP1 aniso pads...and the cable are not stock anymore..so it may sound vary..
the custom recable make it sound not dull anymore, even sound more open...Questa said that its made by germania...
diy military spec copper, 6 strands, beautifully braided..its extend the upper freq, and make the micro detail show up..

oh yes, here's some of the picts...

i resealing the cup with autosil silicon sealer and add dynamat lining on the driver...
it can be seen on the disassemble pict..a simple mod for deadening plasticy sound..

my T10 together with T30 silver fork...and they live happily ever after...no ? hehehehee... biggrin.gif
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I'm using mods suggested by bluemonkeyflyer - I'm liking the increase treble and tamed upper-bass-hump despite the sacrifice of some air. 

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and my previous Yammy HP1 aniso has moved to a new house...
a person that really familiar with Yammy soundsig, offcourse.. smily_headphones1.gif
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my new pads has arrive for the T30's, yes finally got myself a Sony MDR XB500 pads to replace the cracking Sony V700 pads..
i purchase it from german auction with a help of my friend that lived there..
several days only using my son T10's because of the T30's need to be re-terminated..
now there's a reason to reterminated the T30's, well here it is with the new pads & new mini jack...
comfy does improves alot, i'll share the impression of sonic change later.. wink.gif

I even have try to use the pads on T10 before made my mind to reterminate the T30's..
Well, its good to know that this pads usable too on T10's... smily_headphones1.gif
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whaaat!  Those pads on the T-10 ? :bigsmile_face:  Yes please do share the sound changes with us. Very interested. That's your T-10 that's basically back to stock damping right?


When you said " resealing the cup with autosil silicon sealer " what part did you seal, the baffle to cup joint?


I just might have to try those pads.

Appreciate the updates.

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iQEM, wow... That's cool man... Very cool... Look like its fit perfectly.
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