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huh, rather suprising review of the LCD-2 ph34r.gif



The bass to midrange balance is wrong, and the bass quantity, beacuse of this reason, becomes excessive in the reproduction. [..]


The midrange sounds empty and vocals emotionless. If the midrange was more present, the aforementioned bass reponse would add up in most situations; the same stands true for the overly exaggerated highest frequencies.


Given the U-shaped reponse, unfortunately, the bass + high dominance makes for the tonality I have called “clinical”.

If taking the LCD-2 as “raw material”, one must accept to deal with this faulty midrange balance in order to fix it as much as possible.


Eventually, I sold the LCD-2


And the reviewer was using the same DP1 DAC/headamp combo that I'm using, so not quite a $99 O2 this time.


That's also what I hear when comparing the YH1 to the aniso HP1, the latter gives much stronger bass but less mids and SS, duh....I'm here for the mids, for Pete's sake evil_smiley.gif

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BTW, it's good to see that they make ortho shoes now: http://www.ortholite.com/press/061110-Puma-to-use-EcoOrthoLite-Insoles.html


Just got myself a pair of Puma sneakers and they have that big "OrthoLite" logo on the inside, when they'll be busted maybe I'll play around with that ortho damping material ^^


Newplast sounds great IME, but it's WAY too heavy...

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My first pair of orthos were shipped in an ortho shoe box, which was a nice touch.

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Any ortho gurus can recommend some replacement pads for a Peerless PMB-100?  Just got one and need new square pads but dont know where to start.  Btw they are they as hard to drive as a HE-6?  Mine need lots of power to sound decently. 

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Something  that suits the Jecklin Float model 1 or Model 2 's would be the thing to find, from what i can tell ( hopefully????). There was a place somewhere that provided foam for them, but unsure about them selling pads as well.

 Depends also if your pads are full or just the partial "L" shape. If I can find the link to the place i will message you. Someone in here must know where that refurb kit was from.


maybe a search for  these might help find more also.


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The PMB Orthohelmet does seem to be more happy with more juice. 

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Thanks Nick, my PBM100 looks exactly the same as the QP85.  Wonder of it easier to just try to cut a piece of foam and glue it.

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not sure if this works.

http://www.w-e-s-t-e-r-w-e-l-l-e.de/jecklin-float.htm < seems strictly for the stats. Not sure.


Not sure about this also, but you could, if those pads are L shaped, try a set of modded Stax lambda pads, just cut each one so you possibly have an "L" shaped pad ( stitch up the cuts ) with the slight bump at the bottom corner, and if they weren't "L" shaped maybe try to mod a Stax pad to make it more square. Just a random thought.


 I think someone will chime in soon.

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Thx to the guys that replied to me. Since drivers still seem to be an issue I will prob get a set of Fostex 50's as they will already be a huge step up from what I have. That way once I have "outgrown" them I can then have a decent platform to start modding.
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Since they're so idiosyncratic, I'd want to keep the PMB 100 as Jecklinisch as possible, but in the meantime, you could certainly stick on a conventional round earpad from a Coby CV185 or something to try them out while you looked for the original L-shaped pads. Might even sound better with the round pads, because bass backwave is pretty much uncontrolled in that design, which helps give an open feel but lops off most of the low bass. Inside is one of two [we think there are only two] variants on the standard PMB 55mm driver. If you open them up, beware of the crumbly foam. 


Habitat: Let us know how you like the [stock] T50RP. Have bass boost handy.

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Thanks everyone for your help. I just stumble today with a old friend and. He might be able to help to cut the foam to the L pads shape since he works with that material.  

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Interesting post from the "Vintage" thread
Originally Posted by GREQ View Post

My Watson Mod. 930 now has a SIBLING!
*FANFARE*  Introducing the Universum... err... SFI... uhm... there's absolutely no model number on this thing! redface.gif

So first thing you notice is the slight visual difference. Universum doesn't have 'HIFI-STEREOPHONE' written on the side, nor does it have a TONE control, only a large volume control.
The most important difference is that the Universum has a different venting scheme. Watson just has a line of grills, but the Universum has 4 circular ports and another set of grills slightly off to one side (see photo).
Also, an even more important difference is that the double foam layer you see IS STOCK - I didn't add that! 
This makes the two sound quite different (although they share the same driver and are also similar in many respects).

The Universum has far better bass response and extension, and the treble is more tame. This makes for a somewhat less 'detailed' sound, although the resolution is about the same. The bass is a little out of control at times on electronic tracks, but for an old SFI ortho it's rather good even by modern standards (compared to most consumer stuff up to $200). The mids are sometimes a little thin sounding, which combined with a medium width soundstage and slightly too much bass makes for a slightly more crowded sound, but it is still a very enjoyable 'dark' sound. 

Both of these models easily have the best 'crunch' I've heard from any headphone. It must be the combination of smallish drivers, smallish soundstage and ortho-awesomeness that makes these so much fun. Queen's 'We Will Rock You' just has the most engaging crunch and guitar solo tone. 
and a tidbit for wualta - Thrax audio is reviving the VFET ( not on their website yet but mentioned in latest stereophile )
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What are people doing to replace/repair Yamaha HP-1 headbands where the plastic has cracked and pulled away from the suede material?

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Originally Posted by dcginc View Post

What are people doing to replace/repair Yamaha HP-1 headbands where the plastic has cracked and pulled away from the suede material?


Make a new headband w/ similar shape, without the plastic parts.

Or you can try to service the plastic.


A headband with cracked plastic is still usable by all means, as long as the cloth (looks like suede but I guess it's cloth) isn't terribly torn. A little bit of electric tape will help the situation a bit. If you have anything thicker/stronger/less-stretchable/less-flexible then that would work even better.

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i cut a similarly shaped leather, also narrower, for a replacement headband for the hp1

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