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:) , One you have not heard !!


I can tell you that that the T10 / T20v1 is probably one of my favourite vintage fostex. Damping is pretty easy as the driver responds well to direct damping and cup damping. 


The exact approach would depend on the inside of those cups as the space inside the T10/T20v1 cups is much smaller by the looks of it. 



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Originally Posted by dBel84 View Post

:) , One you have not heard !!


I can tell you that that the T10 / T20v1 is probably one of my favourite vintage fostex. Damping is pretty easy as the driver responds well to direct damping and cup damping. 


The exact approach would depend on the inside of those cups as the space inside the T10/T20v1 cups is much smaller by the looks of it. 



Well, if we're talking about the T20v1, I had two and they're pretty good. :) They don't need much damping either.

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A bit of context for the Concept, the one I have sounded great from the get go. So good that I hooked it up to a small Tripath amp and listened to it that way for a while. Sadly, I knocked the arm of my turntable while the amp was set quite loud. This "knock" blew off a bit of the voice coil when it hit the vinyl. I thought I had killed the one of the last Dodos, but a very kind Orthonaut sold me a broken T20-V1 to replace the headphone's driver. It's alive now. 


I wanted to tune the Concept to be a bit "looser" than my Yamaha HP-1. I've ended up with :

• A blue-tac stuffed baffle.

• A thick felt "plug" on the rear of the driver held by 3M paper tape. This tape covers the top half of the driver.

• A cotton makeup pad behind felt.

• A 3M scouring pad behind that to fill a bit of the space.




• This image is for illustrative purposes only. The photo is provided by a phone

with a flash and does not represent the artistic or technical possibilities of

the medium of photography. 

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Originally Posted by ludoo View Post

 I've never owned a T10 :D


My mistake, slipped on the keyboard. Should be T20.

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Well, it's a little bit better. At least the finger's more or less the right color. It's like modding a headphone by ear, y'know?



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Thanks for the input. Planning for ortho surgery this coming weekend. In the meantime I'm further impressed by the little wonders of the HP3/HP50 and PMB K3 (quite similar to the Yamaha) - punch and timing! 

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The HP50 sure is a great little can i agree. I forgot it was you that got the rare K3 that time, Still happy with it also I see. That K3 is the only known one too isn't it? The Kardstadt model if I am not mistaken

What's the upcoming surgery going to involve?
I've got to restuff some pads and reterminate an old Russian 5 pin din plug, was hoping to make an adapter cable to keep the end stock. Have to track down the times a guy I know at the local coffee shop is working, he deciphered a Russian emblem on a jacket I was wearing one time ( goes with the TDS-15's for portable use hahah ) turns out he is from Ukraine so hopefully he can read me the manual contents with the pin-outs that are listed in the diagram ( an Echo TDS-16 Kiev with softish pads --can you believe that!)

Post up pics MDR- you know you want to.
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A well deserved BUMP here. Honestly PAGE 9 what is goin on ?

 Zoinks! Yikes! - as they used to say in the cartoons.


A bit of celebration is in order on my side here. 


( Insert deep rumbling shadowy black object slowly piercing the cloud layers of a thunder and lightning-stricken mountainous surface world, slowly fading to black as it blocks what little light there is.Decades later: Skip to lab-type setting with manuals, overly caffeinated orthonaut fiddling with digital meters and soldering iron and consulting glowing computer screens. "that's it!" you can hear him softly mutter in disbelief and skip over to the final electrical activation, he throws the switch . It has risen...

Risen from it's long stasis and suspended animation, across unfathomably vast distances that threaten to make a mortal mind go insane thinking about it,

came an Echo TDS-16 Kiev.

Representative of the long since past Eastern civilization of the ages, the ambassador has been activated and successfully revived. A bit of prodding and updating the electrical interface ( 5 pin XLR to new TRS ) and it speaks, as though no time at all has passed to it.)


Pads need some attention but that pleather is SOFT so it is fine for now.



There has to be some sort of interest to get people back in here, why not make some grandiose story up i figure.


 Initially i had bought a Neutrik female 5-pin XLR  to make an adaptor for this thing as I wanted to keep the stock plug.  Seems the old standard is slightly different or I grabbed the wrong ones. It sure was close though.

 Grabbed the trusty hand signed manual that this thing came with and flipping back to page 11 I see a pin number diagram going to speaker icons.

 So up the road I go and a great fella i know at the local coffee place proceeded to translate that page for me. Lucky as the icon on the left of the page was the right side pins, and the icon on the right side of the diagram was the left side pin-out.

 Not what I was expecting and saved me a ton of frustrations.

 I confirmed this pin-out arrangement with a multimeter and eyeballing that side up to the respective cup entries.


Here's a very makeshift fast sloppy diagram for future 5 pin to TRS swaps. ( at least for these )Of course individual items may vary. This is however pinned out according to the standard as posted on Wikipedia.

 Facing the male plug, pins to the top, from right to left and facing them: 1–4–2–5–3. Holes on female connectors are also numbered 1-4-2-5-3, but from left to right facing them.



 So I obliged by sampling 3 different espresso drinks ( 2 shots each, bit of water and a few shots of unsweetened cocoa .) 6 shots laterbeerchug.gif i can't sleep and resurrected this headphone.


Neat little manual with serial number in it as well. Apparently this matches up with the number on this particular pair.

 A couple more shots for the heck of it.





 I hope this helps someone in the future messing around with this plug swap.


Beautiful cans so far. I have no intention of modding this.

 These eastern companies need to start making the TDS "series" again they would clean house. Do us all a favour and pull off the white dust covers and crank up those factories!

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can i join the club? LOL and sorry for semi OT xD




With Portapro Drivers 



khabur330162 gave the frame few months ago (thanks again bro!) and this is the only free time that i have so i decided to scavenge some cables from a broken headphone and use it with the hp1. also, im supposed to use a ksc75 drivers but the other channel is broken for some wierd reason, but originally i will use a 53mm driver (an audio technica driver) but the space inside the hp1 is not enough to fit that 53mm driver because it is too thick.


thanks for looking and sorry for OT again!

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Nope not off-topic at all. Great idea there how does it sound? Looks great/ I really dig that cabling job.

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its a warm-sounding headphone and the treble is somewhat rolled-off and will change the dampening scheme if i have free time again to make the treble show more presence without getting the midrange thin/congested like i did before, so i settled with the current dampening which is a chamois(?) cloth and an accoustic foam that i salvaged off a broken Tannoy speakers.


i also need to replace the headband cloth with a leather or something... i hope i dont need to stitch them =(

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Got the Hifiman pads for the NAD on RD/Don's recommendation and am very happy with the result. They are the right size & the vinyl sleeve can be slipped over the edges so you don't have to glue the pads.

These pads really open up the soundstage & treble & I am really liking the way these sound now.


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Guru, am I correct thinking that those fuzzy pads have a regular layer of pleather under that fuzzy coating?  They look excellent.

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^The pleather is there on the half facing the driver, the rest as seen in picture is just the velour.

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Thanks for the reply on that

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