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I have tried a few different replacement ear pads for the HP-1 and YH-1 Yamaha's.  Per Joop Nijenhuis' HP-1 refurbishment pages I used Sony ear pads for my first HP-1.  Those were Sony 211566702 ear pads. They work pretty good but seemed kind of pricey for what you get.  The dimensions of the HP-1 ear pads are 7cm (outer diameter) and around 3cm (inner diameter - the opening).  The Sony 211566702 ear pads have a lip that makes the outer diameter 7cm but the real diameter is 6.5cm.


I still have the original ear pads on my YH-1 headphones and other HP-1 headphones but I plan to replace them at some point.  In preparing for that I have found some other ear pads that have the same dimensions (or close to it).  I looked at the Yamaha RH5M and RH5MA headphones and saw that those pads fit.  That part number is Yamaha CX810511 and is the 7cm outer / 3cm inner. They are pretty much like the Sony 211566702 ear pads. I ordered them from the Yamaha parts store.

I also bought a pair of Sennheiser 075527 ear pads (from Skygeek).  Those ear pads are for Sennheiser HME 25 and HMEC 25 headphones (used in aircraft it appears). They are also 7cm/3cm plus they also have the built in protective screen for the driver.  They are pretty nice

Next, I tried these less expensive Sony MDR-V150, V250, V300 substitute off ebay.  They had correct dimensions but feel the cheapest.  They might do in a pinch but I don't plan on using them and stuck them in a box somewhere.

Last, I tried these 7cm ear pads with protective screen from Amazon. I think they are nicest of the bunch and will be my choice for the next Yamaha HP-1/YH-1 refurbishment.

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RH5MA earpads are definitely smaller.  Have you seen them in person?  The Koss R10 earpads are bigger.

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I took a picture of the three I like. I also took a picture of the replacement candidates with an original YH-1 ear pad.




The original Yamaha ear pad does have a little bit larger outer diameter.  It measures about 7.4cm.  The inner diameter is 3cm.

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Excellent illustrations! Now, how do they compare for weight?

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Nice to see some reasonable prices for things. Fostex T20 v1 went for a reasonable under $50 in box. Looked nice. Wonder where the bidding war was for that one.

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speaking about replacement pads, i had found Sony V700 replacement pads from Ebay that sound good on my T30...
check it out...now it's very comfy, than the stock flat pads... smily_headphones1.gif

even my son like it much more now...
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Just some further information when we're on the ever interesting topic of pads. I've ordered different brands of the Chinese/Hong Kong V150 pads and they are perfect for HP50 and HP3. Not only in size, but they do not change the sonic character of the original pads much (probably very similar in size, thickness, density). V150 pads fitted, original one on the side:


Yamaha HP3 pads A.jpg


As for the Koss R10 pads: do they ship outside US?

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I think all of the pads are made in China now.  The vinyl material that is the cover seems about the same.  The softness of the inner foam varies a bit as does the thickness.  The cost really varies.  For the Sennheiser 075527 pads I bought as possible HP-1 replacements, they cost around $20 (after shipping cost).  The Yamaha CX810511 (RH5M) were the most expensive at a whopping $27 (not including shipping!) and they look just like the ones MDR30 shows in the above reply.  Those are probably the closest thing to the original in terms of thickness.  The most reasonable are the third party made pads from Amazon and Ebay at $12 and $8 (including shipping).

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Originally Posted by iQEM View Post

speaking about replacement pads, i had found Sony V700 replacement pads from Ebay that sound good on my T30... check it out...now it's very comfy, than the stock flat pads..

You and scompton [he used Sony XB700 pads] may have double-handedly saved the T30's tiny behind. These pads should be available worldwide, and availability is everything in the ortho world.

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iQEM: I see the center openings are about 2 times bigger on those pads , do you happen to notice a change in the sound with that ( more spacious and/or less bass )  I'm just curious.

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V700DJ pads are very comfy, but the vinyl will rip eventually (not flake off, they're not nearly as bad as some Sony pads) and they're circumaural. Careful, there's lots of Chinese knock-offs. 

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Nice iQem!  Can't go wrong with 5 dollar pads.  I just ordered a pair for my collection. 

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thanks for all the info guys. The original pads are alright in terms of condition but not great, as the leather is starting to flake and the left side is pinching my ear, have to figure out why that is...

I thought that the sony v150 pads would be cheaply made and uncomfortable as the V150s were a cheap headphone If I am not mistaken, I had a pair which broke and the pads were not the most luxurious material. also, what adhesive would be the best to use for re attaching the pads?


again , thanks for the massive amount of info and trouble you guys have gone to, it certainly gives one something to think about :)



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Thanks you guys for these pads recommendations.  I too was looking to replace my 2 recently acquired Yamaha HP-1 pads.  But something interesting came up when I received my second (in better shape) HP-1.  The sound from the second pair just sounds better than the first one.  I mean they sound similar but overall one is much better.  Better extension, bass, mids, highs you name it, its better in all aspect.  Could this be because of less usage or could it be something else?  I asked both seller if any have done any mods to them and they answer no.  If I compare it to my reference LFF Paradox the better HP-1 comes in very close to it, even edging it out on the mids and high in some material like vocals and some jazz.  LFF still wins in soundstage, tighter bass and also instruments separation.  Considering these are 30+ years old phones they are a testament of true technological greatness back then. 

Just waiting for my replacement pads to arrive so I can mod the lesser HP-1 with suggestion from this thread. 

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Originally Posted by Neogeo333 View Post

Could this be because of less usage or could it be something else? 


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