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Good to see you back in here! The planatarium got lost recently. Would it be ok with you to copy your impressions and pictures of the soviet orthos into the wikiphonia russian ortho pages instead?


(So you have the Dual 720 as well? What 55mm PMB driver was inside?)

Originally Posted by Serge44 View Post

How they sound?

TDS 5M supposed to be soviet analog of Yamaha HP-1. I did not take direct comparison. I like these cans more when listening some of 80s stuff - punk, new wave, pop. They have enough drive for such music, a little hump in upper bass, timed with extra dampening. Lots of owners prefer to brighten the TDS 5M signature by changing stock cable to some new one. But I am very sensitive to exaggerated highs, and if possible, I'm avoiding to change stock cables.


TDS 7 have one of the widest soundstage of all orthos, comparable with many high-level dynamic headphones. They have the finest sound of all TDS, classical and jazz lovers very like these headphones. But I don't, TDS 7 sound weird for me, very wide soundstage and almost none of the depth, some kind of "sound in the head". Hi-End headphones, speakers, amps etc. must have deep soundstage first of all.

Pressure on the head is very strong.


TDS 15 sound simple, without long decay as TDS 7, but have bass amount that I like. They aren't quick headphones. I prefer TDS 15 for heavy metal listening of different kind: soviet, japanese and other.


TDS 16 (made in Kiev).

More or less balanced cans, good sounding headphones but just good ones. If you listened other vintage orthos, TDS 16 Echo (Kiev) have any surprise for you.


TDS 16 (made in Smela).

They differ from TDS 16 manufactured in Kiev. The same drivers but different housing and cable. Pads from the cheap fake leather gave fantastic results for sound. These cans I'll never part with. They have the quickest attack, comparable with stats, excellent upper bass slam, exceptional transparency in mids. Forget about Grados, these ones are excellent choice for any brutal music, best choice for death-metal listening, extremely good for blues, any guitar music, where the light speed attack is important. Highs are rough and dirty.

Pressure on the head is very strong. Have long burn-in period for every listening session. Very inconvinient headphones for long listening.


In whole, soviet orthos are musical, have warm sound signature, accented mids, not the finest sound. Most of soviet headphones have hard pressure on the head.


Comparing to other orthos.

Japanese orthos like Fostex and Yamaha sound colder than soviet ones. I'd say,  japanese sound is neutral and more refined than soviet one. Precise and mechanical sound vs. rough and life-like one. Of course, most of japanese and german orthos are much more convinient.

If I want to listen finest orthos, with nice long decay, I still prefer german cans as Dual DK 330\720.

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That's what happens when you limit the auction to US only.

Originally Posted by ujamerstand View Post

Ack! Yamaha HP-3 sold for 12 dollars?! NNNNNOOOOOOO :(

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Originally Posted by gurubhai View Post

That's what happens when you limit the auction to US only.

Gear that is often more expensive outside of the U.S. is so cheap for Americans sometimes. You notice that very quickly on Ebay.

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^^ you had to rub in the salt, don't you ?

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Good to see you back in here! The planatarium got lost recently. Would it be ok with you to copy your impressions and pictures of the soviet orthos into the wikiphonia russian ortho pages instead?


(So you have the Dual 720 as well? What 55mm PMB driver was inside?)


Sure, information about TDS can be used in wikiphonia.

Dual DK 720, I had them, but let them go, too many headphones in the house, I've sold part of collection. Dual DK 330 is enough for me from this german line.


Soviet orthos cost more nowadays. The same story happened as on Head-Fi. After runnning long threads with lots of positive reviews on lossy.ru, these TDS's become more popular. Prices rapidly growing and TDS 5M, 15 and 16 hard to buy less than for 50-80$. TDS 7 always priced more than 100$. But people in Ukraine and Russia have possibility to trade orthos for something else so to pay much less finally. These prices for auctions like molotok.ru. Things are mich easier going on local city forums.


TDS 5M, 15 and TDS 16 (Smela) can be obtained in NOS condition, I mean absolutely NOS - sealed in a box. There are still factory supply of these headphones in different cities.

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What is absent in my collection?


TDS 5 - early predecessor of TDS 5M, nearly identical to 5M. They are out of my interest.

Everything about TDS 5\5M here:


There are different manufacturers of TDS 5M, completely identical to each other.


TDS 7 made in Leningrad.

Almost identical to TDS 7 made in Kishinev.

You can find lots of information here:



TDS 15 grey version.

Different manufacturer, grey colour of housing.

Here about TDS 15:



TDS 16, just another manufacturers, almost identical to TDS 16 made in Kiev. TDS 16 from Smela differ from these.

Here the biggest thread about them:



Амфитон H-21C.

This is in russian, in english it could be "Amfiton N-21S". Note, the name is not included "TDS".

These are soviet portable orthos.

You can find information about them here (in russian):


Occasionally can be found at auctions, pads have rotten.



We still have no information, what this model is.



This is in russian, in english could be "N-25S".

The largest membranes of all soviet orthos, still have no information about them. But as we know, creator of N-21S and N-25S is still alive and running his own business, manufacturing isodynamic tweeters for acoustic system. We trying to contact with him, will see. Membrane in N-21S is Sawafuji prototype, membrane in N-25S is much larger, but nobody listened these cans.

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Hey there guys, first post in the ortho monster for me!


So, i just took the blue pill and now I'm in ortho land.


Bought myself a pair of fostex T50RP (V2 with flat pads) and I'm looking at all the damping mods i can find. the general consensus seems to be that you cant use them if they aren't properly dampened. 


From everything I've read, it sounds like there are a few key steps involved with properly damping these. Adding a square of dense felt to the back of the driver. covering the inside of the outside housing in black felt (cutting out for the vents?). adding blue tack around the inside rim of the housing, then stuffing the area between the black felt and blue felt with cotton from cotton balls. 


Does that sound legitimate? 


Am i missing anything? 


Also, in my reading I've come across people referencing something called a reflex dot. excuse my stupidity, but i have no idea what that is or what it does. If someone could explain it, that'd be great!


Thanks and please help me if you can!

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Yes, you want to mass damp the plastic housing to reduce resonance. A reflex dot is tiny cutout of hard felt material you can place behind the driver that reflects treble towards the ears. You can play around with various sizes of the dot to match the amount of treble to your taste, it does not necessarily have to be round. Something like micropore or transpore would be nice as well. Don't forget to try the useful search engine.

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I'd say listen to them first, before you go hacking them apart.  I know quite a few of us have been pretty happy with the stock sound of the latest version.

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Originally Posted by joelpearce View Post

I'd say listen to them first, before you go hacking them apart.  I know quite a few of us have been pretty happy with the stock sound of the latest version.

Modding is exceedingly easy though, and you can reap the benefits in stages.  The headphones were made to be easily taken apart and reassembled, so the task doesn't involve any friction fit, glued, or soldered assemblies. 

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wow, so many new vintage orthos appearing in head-fi recently. i'm so out of date 


will try to go through the last page i left and start catching up 

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Right! so someone should, like, buy them or something.

Or, someone should sell uhnoel an amplifier that will do justice to his delicious headphones.

I can see it going either way.

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Question. I have a bunch of 100% wool felt, is this better or worse than a mix or poly when it comes to damping?

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This is a trickier question than might first appear. Many claims are made for wool as a bulk absorber of audio energy (read any discussion of transmission line speakers if you don't believe me) , but in this case, porosity counts more, though absorption certainly isn't to be sniffed at. We're not using the felt the way speaker people do. We're using it as an acoustic resistance, so whether the fibers rub against one another and turn some of the audio energy into heat energy doesn't matter so much to us, though we'll take it if we can get it. So for those of you about to go shopping, try the wool felt, but if you can't get it, don't feel bad.


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