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Yep, most likely a 414. If he says the HP-1 was better sounding, he passes the Ortho Bruderbund Test and can come into the clubhouse.

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The original 414 had blue or charcoal ear pads and was a light grey injection molded plastic.  It was a revelation in its day.

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Hey, so here's a tweak for the Realistic Pro 30, and probably the Audio Technica ATH-2 as well: take a pair of the Sony MDR V500 or V700 pads, and just mount them on the pads already there. It ends up with a spacious sound, with good bass. It's not quite the rumbling bass of my (underdamped) SFIphones, but it's about as good as it is with the stock pads.


Although the pads have a narrow inner aperture, and are quite uncomfortable on the Sony phones, the fluffiness from the combined pads is enough to let your ears squish into them, like they do with the undersized-but-super-comfortable pads on the the Denon D1001/Creative aurvana live.


You can buy them from ebay for $6 shipped to the US. Here's a pic with the dust cover cut out --it's really irritating to the ear.


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As you guys already know, the Fostex T50RP are very pad dependent.  Is there any modification that could be done on the stock pads to help them seal better?  Some type of surface treatment?  Tensioning the headband can go only so far.


I'm not ready to spring for O2 pads, so I'm hoping to max out what I presently have.  The bass is frustratingly extended and punchy when I press the cups inward with my hands, because it vanishes with hands removed. 

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You could coat the inside with rubber cement, or something?

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I have a modded, recabled YH-2 up for trade with O2 pads, anyone ?

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^^^Get sachu's contacts in India for the textile factory and hold a mini O2 pads group buy for us!  hehe

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Sachu's contact is about 2000 km away from me, not feasible.

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Imagine that, gluing headphones on every time you want to give them a listen. 

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Originally Posted by gurubhai View Post

Sachu's contact is about 2000 km away from me, not feasible.


 Oh well.

Originally Posted by peli_kan View Post

Imagine that, gluing headphones on every time you want to give them a listen. 

I remember you put PVC pipes on to your T50rp, right? Did you do anything else? tried plugging the bass port on the baffle? Like Sambones suggested, try line the insides with something to prevent bass loss.

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Hi, folks, I've been here very looong time ago.

Why I cannot see any rumours about TDS?

OK, I'll fill the gap.


USSR basic orthodynamic headphones:


TDS 5M-7-15-16Kiev-16Smela.jpg


From left to right:

TDS 5M (Saratov)

TDS 7 (Kishinev)

TDS 15 (black version)

TDS 16 Echo (Kiev)

TDS 16 Echo (Smela)


That's five basic soviet orthos.

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Oh wow! Those look gorgeous! Can't say they don't look similar to the orthos better known in the west, but I'd love to read some impressions!  Extra props for comparisons!

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More pictures:


TDS headbands.jpg



TDS 5M and TDS 7:


TDS 5M-7.jpg



TDS 7, TDS 15, TDS 16 Echo (Kiev):


TDS 7-15-16Kiev.jpg



TDS 16 Echo (Kiev) and TDS 16 (Smela). The same drivers, different housing, cables. They sound very different.



TDS 16Kiev-Smela.jpg

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How they sound?

TDS 5M supposed to be soviet analog of Yamaha HP-1. I did not take direct comparison. I like these cans more when listening some of 80s stuff - punk, new wave, pop. They have enough drive for such music, a little hump in upper bass, timed with extra dampening. Lots of owners prefer to brighten the TDS 5M signature by changing stock cable to some new one. But I am very sensitive to exaggerated highs, and if possible, I'm avoiding to change stock cables.


TDS 7 have one of the widest soundstage of all orthos, comparable with many high-level dynamic headphones. They have the finest sound of all TDS, classical and jazz lovers very like these headphones. But I don't, TDS 7 sound weird for me, very wide soundstage and almost none of the depth, some kind of "sound in the head". Hi-End headphones, speakers, amps etc. must have deep soundstage first of all.

Pressure on the head is very strong.


TDS 15 sound simple, without long decay as TDS 7, but have bass amount that I like. They aren't quick headphones. I prefer TDS 15 for heavy metal listening of different kind: soviet, japanese and other.


TDS 16 (made in Kiev).

More or less balanced cans, good sounding headphones but just good ones. If you listened other vintage orthos, TDS 16 Echo (Kiev) have any surprise for you.


TDS 16 (made in Smela).

They differ from TDS 16 manufactured in Kiev. The same drivers but different housing and cable. Pads from the cheap fake leather gave fantastic results for sound. These cans I'll never part with. They have the quickest attack, comparable with stats, excellent upper bass slam, exceptional transparency in mids. Forget about Grados, these ones are excellent choice for any brutal music, best choice for death-metal listening, extremely good for blues, any guitar music, where the light speed attack is important. Highs are rough and dirty.

Pressure on the head is very strong. Have long burn-in period for every listening session. Very inconvinient headphones for long listening.


In whole, soviet orthos are musical, have warm sound signature, accented mids, not the finest sound. Most of soviet headphones have hard pressure on the head.


Comparing to other orthos.

Japanese orthos like Fostex and Yamaha sound colder than soviet ones. I'd say,  japanese sound is neutral and more refined than soviet one. Precise and mechanical sound vs. rough and life-like one. Of course, most of japanese and german orthos are much more convinient.

If I want to listen finest orthos, with nice long decay, I still prefer german cans as Dual DK 330\720.

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Ack! Yamaha HP-3 sold for 12 dollars?! NNNNNOOOOOOO :(

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