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Sony 888's vs ER4P

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Got my Sony 888's a few days ago - still breaking them in at the moment. I also own the Etymotics ER4P's which I think are an outstanding headphone.

I decided to get the 888's because I was just not comfortable about walking around with something as expensive as the ety's on. What I have found is that the 888's share many of the qualities of the Ety's - at a fraction of the price.

It's important for me to state - up front - that the Ety's are a superiour headphone to the Sony's. However you should also note that the differences are fairly subtle in some ways.

Obviously the 888's are an open design. As a result, the leak more sound in and out - they are not quite as direct as the ety's because of this - the treble is very detailed and perhaps very slightly harsh although I expect this will change once they begin to break in properly - it's early days yet! The bass on the Sony's is quite remarkable when you consider that they don't have the seal of the ety's - perhaps the ety's are deeper and a little more controlled in this area but nontheless, very impressive performance on the Sony's part.

For those who are interested, I purchased the 888's from MD_Seller mail order from Hong Kong - there were some problems with the first pair but he quickly sorted that out for me - £40 UK Pounds - I think a very reasonable price.

For anyone attempting to achieve the 'holy grail' of portable sound - get these phones - if you can tolerate earbuds they are the best you can get!
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unless you can find some Sony Mdr-484s...
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Voyager - i woulda said the same thing. However, i have to come respect Vertigo-1's opinion a lot - when he said the 888s blew the 484s apart - it was good enough for me. (Mainly cuz i wanted to feel good about blowing $60 on the buds.....)
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Still rate them highly. I have broken them in more now and they're still sounding superb.
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For anyone attempting to achieve the 'holy grail' of portable sound - get these phones - if you can tolerate earbuds they are the best you can get!
....for the price, maybe. But I think that the Etymotics are probably a bit better.
I would buy the 888's over the Etymotics, simply because of the price, and second because the 888's are the best looking earbuds I've seen so far (tied with the white EX70's) , plus I don't want much isolation....but that's just me....
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...or a pair of MX-500 for a mere $17.95, they sound just as good.
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Originally posted by KR...
...or a pair of MX-500 for a mere $17.95, they sound just as good.
My friend bought the MX-500 yesterday and I had a chance to listen to them. I tho they sound pretty decent for the relative low price tag. ( no where as good as my amp+hd600 tho )

but at the price of MX500 it is not bad at all. ( from my limited listening)

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Sue me if I am too excited about sneaking in at your door and looking around while you talk about the ety's and the e888's.

I can't help but write to you about the Sony MDR-EX70SL phones I got yesterday from www.minidisco.com. for 57 US dollars.

As I pen this short missive, I am using them right now listening to Simon and Garfunkel's "Why Don't You Write Me" track off their watershed album "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Sounds really cool. I think that the isolation factor here complements and also compliments (you can use them interchangeably here) the bass which gives a rather shapely body to the overall sound.

I have the Senn MX-400 and though I haven't heard the e888s, I cannot really make something out of here, but reading threads and reviews about them, and the make-up of both phones gives me a "picture" of how the e888s may sound from the mx-400s.

I have used and listened to the ety's (ER4Ps) for quite some time . A close friend of mine has them. Their isolation factor indeed gives them big soundstage and altogether a great sound.

"So what's your goddam point, dude?", a headwhiz near the window yawns and frisbeesez me.

I think the EX70SL is a good compromise of the non-ear-canal phones and the etys. And I think it is a very good candidate for a price/performance earphone fortune cookie. I have the three-tipped version. Very good bass, decent highs, and okay isolation.

The MX-400 is cool but it dangles just outside the precious Altamiras of my ears; the Etys are just great but damn precious to carry around with (lame excuse for one who does not have the chips). The EX70s could just be the ship that may sail you off the Scylla and the Charybdis.

Okay, sue me again if you think this should have a different thread or none at all. But just listen to
"Any Major Dude Will Tell You" by Steely Dan with these phones and you will see what I mean.

"when the demon's at your door,
in the morning it won't be there no more"

Well, I think I may have exorcised myself with what phones to wear when I take the two-hour trip to Jeddah tomorrow.
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I should pick up a pair of mx-500's while im in the states next week
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