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No more 770s for me. Now I got me some 990s. I like em way more than my 770s. I think they handle rock better than the 770s(I couldn't stand acoustic guitars with the 770s), and have a sound stage that I'm not used to(but I do like).

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love the Beyer dt990's

Had them for a while and love the sound. I want to get the 880,(2005)'s when I can afford it for my next purchase.
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Long time user of DT880 (1993 version I think, 250ohm standard cable)

Just listened yesterday to Harconcourt lead six motet's by J S Bach (choral music with slight backing) and I believe its some of the best synergy of headphone/recording I've heard! I was thrilled, depending on what I focused on I could differentiate individuals in the choir and they all sounded so real. And the bass sounded just RIGHT.

I've been feeling a bit guilty as I've been looking for a new "better" headphone, so this is my way of saying sorry to my DT880's.
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have joined the fray - DT770-80 ohm. Haven't had too much time to listen to them yet, but I am happy with what I've heard so far. They're currently running off my external USB soundcard for mixing in Ableton Live. The volume on the soundcard is turned up as loud as it will go, and it sounds okay - but that makes me think that the soundcard is running at its limit. What's the general consensus about amping this particular model? Is it worthwhile?
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Proud new owner of DT990 600Ω here. I love these phones! Thery're great at many genres, but are the best classic rock cans I've ever owned.
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Love my 880s and 770/80s. ^__^ Can't wait to Darth the 770s!
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I just got a pair of 250 ohm DT990s (2005) and I'm loving them. Velour is a nice change of pace from being used to so much pleather/leather when wearing headphones. They sound so much better than the D2000s I got last week...

They are 250 ohms, so I have to turn my volume pot another 90 degrees to get the same listening level as my SA5000 and D2000. But no complaints
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And my DT-990 is just opens and opens and opens via burn-in , and I fly away-away-away , with each step
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I got a DT880 (2003) last Christmas ...

My first "real" headphone ... don't talk about the crap I tortured my eares with before ... :

I love the sound, but I hate it on the other hand, because it shows the weaknesses of my speaker system/room
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Yesterday I ordered a pair of dt 880's along with a Headphonia amp. I will use them with my rockboxed ipod nano (+ dock-to-mini cable, hopefully). This is my first decent rig, at a cost of around $350. I would appreciate any comment while waiting for this stuff. Sometimes I feel guilty for spending so much money on a pair of headphones. I hope my negative thoughts will vanish when I get my hands on them!
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Originally Posted by frtorreira View Post
Sometimes I feel guilty for spending so much money on a pair of headphones. I hope my negative thoughts will vanish when I get my hands on them!
Oh they will.

New member of the Beyer team reporting in! I've been listening to my new DT 880's (2005) 250ohm (purchased from el_monkey) for almost a week now and I am still stunned.

My headphone journey has gone like this:

Crappy stock headphones with cheap portable CD player -> $15 ear-buds from Best Buy (they were crap) -> Some $20 Altec-Lansing gaming headset (I thought these were the **** at the time) -> Audio-Technica ATH-A700 (HOLY CRAP this is what I've been missing?! ) -> Beyerdynamic DT 880 (I have found perfection)

Been powering them off my Denon pre-amp, connected to my computer, but a Headamp AE-1 should be arriving today so I can try them out with my X5 finally. Yay!
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Originally Posted by Pibborando View Post
Oh they will.
I can't wait to see how they compare with the SR80. After all I paid $350 for the new rig. I know they will not blow them away, but expect at least to find a significant improvement in SQ and comfort. We'll see :-)
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Keep a seat free for me on the Beyer bandwagon!!!!

Woke up this morning to find my new DT 770/80s had arrived, earlier then expected. (Left USA on Friday, arrived in Melbourne on Monday!! Lightning fast!!)

Now, still waiting for my Corda MOVE..

So I've spent the afternoon listening to them straight out of the box and straight from the headphone jack of my computer. And they still sound fantastic. And its been 2.5 hours now and no fatigue...!!! yay!!

I cannot wait to hear what they will be like amped and burnt it....

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I have decided to show my love for my Beyers with a new avatar. Yay!
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i have a DT250 & would like to know which open Beyer sounds the most similar to it.
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