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I have been enjoying my new DT250-250.
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I have the DT770-80 and since its my first Beyer(and the only Beyer I have heard for that matter)I can't really compare it to anything else in the Beyer line.While it can be a little bass heavy on some material,overall I love the sound.Clear crisp highs,(but not overbearing like the Grad 125s I own)good smooth mids,and the bass speaks for itself.I have heard some people say they lack midrange but I don't think so.Maybe their talking about the older DT770-250.
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What's the best price on the DT250-250 and the DT250-80, and where can one get them?
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I got a pair of DT770-80's last weekend and had them for 2 days and returned them - they were apparently a great deal too at $179. I liked them more than I had liked the couple Grado's I had tried but they just seemed too thumpy or something in the bass - are the 880's any better?
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I love my Beyer DT 931. The most underrated Beyer and the best value for the money of almost any headphone I've heard.
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Team Basshead... UNITE Brothers/Sisters!!!!

I have a canare cable upgrade in the works for my 770-80

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Of the Beyers that I've heard:

DT880 - Most neutral, but I thought kinda boring. I've only heard the stock cable.
DT770-250 - Major basshead, as most Head-Fier's know. Fun, but not good for your only can.
DT931/831 - Open/closed versions of the same can. Great detail, but too bright out of a 0-ohm jack. But if you take some care matching components, and feeding it out of a 100-120 ohm jack (a must!), they are great cans & my favs in the lineup that I've heard.
DT250-80 - On the neutral-to-warm side, not the most detailed. Good for most average sources. While easily driven by most portable sources, it's too bulky for outside use, but a good office headphone.

Beyers are among the most comfortable headphones I've tried. The grey velour pads are very nice.

The 990/770's are built like tanks. The DT931/831 are lighter, with more plastic, but still well-built for home use. The DT880's are somewhere in between build-wise.

I'd love to listen to a pair of DT531's sometime for the fun of it.
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I've been very interested in trying out the Beyer sound lately, but all the different models have me confused about what to get.

I listen to a lot of trance as well as trip hop, pop, rock, and hip hop. Comfort is a priority. I like a strong bass, but the DT770s sound like they might be too bassy for me. The headphone will likely be matched up with either a MINT or PIMETA.

What would you Beyer acolytes recommend?
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I've got a fairly good collection of Head-Fi favorites, including the K1000, CD3000, HD600, K501, Ety4, DT880, etc., and lots of time to compare them. All have great individual qualities and are champs in their own right. But the one I use most is the DT880 by a wide margin. Not surprisingly, they sound great out of my HA-2, but--and this does surprise me--they also sound fine with my iPod/SMv6 lash-up.

All of the above 'phones best the DT880 in some respects, but the Beyers score near the top in every important category. If I could keep only one, at this point it would be the DT880.
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after 7 years with the dt421 (hm... gave them away, not quite sure about the model) i made the big jump up to the dt880 in january'04. a few months i was happy with their sound right out of my h/k amplifier. then i made the big mistake to stumble over head-fi... and all its entreaties of the better sound. a year later, after purchasing 3 amps, 5 additional phones, 2 sources, different psus and cables, i'm still sticking with the dt880. at the moment i prefer their airy, crystal clear sound over the hd650. ah... dt880.. true love....
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I'm just listening to Bachs Toccata in D-minor with my DT-990 Pro and boy, this organ sound makes you feel being in that church. You could even hear the feet on the pedals sometimes.

Beyer should be forbidden to sell such good phones at such low prices
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I can hear the pedals in Keith Jarret's Koln Concert as well as him humming along to what hes playing with my Grados. *off topic post here ^^*
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Well, now that we have this exclusive club and the secret handshake, could you tell me a secret?

I enjoy my DT880s for music but am thinking about getting another pair for movies. DT770s seem to be a good pair for that. It's just that I'm pretty confused with all the versions. Which is it that is mostly recommended? Is it the DT770-80 Pro, DT770-250 Pro, DT770-80 non-Pro (is there such?), DT770-250 non-Pro? And has any of you used your DT770 with the extension cord - does it affect the sound significantly? How about amping, anyone tried using an AV receiver?

(These and many other questions will be answered in the next episode of ... Soap!)
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I was worried about my 770-80s when I auditioned them at Guitar Center because there was SO MUCH BASS! I made up my mind that I could pull them apart, and mod them to get it under control (cotton+sticky rubber stuff). Well after a few days I guess I got acclimated to them. Maybe I'm a basshead, but I hear lots of high-end detail that I couldn't get with my 595-50s. The mids are not as easy to pick up on with the Beyers, but the highs and lows are better IMO.

After all was said and done, I sold the 595s, returned the Grado 225s (everything I liked about them were outdone by the 770s), and kept the Beyers. I'm so happy that I've mostly buried my desire to pick up a pair of 880s...
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I'm still jammin' with my DT531s and I still think they're some of the best all-around headphones money can (could) buy. They just sound good with everything.
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