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Yeah, I thought that too, that guide was quite thorough and I'm not risking taking out the driver or anything. Even if the problem persists.

Anyway, thanks. Will try later. 

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Originally Posted by lasttodie View Post


picked up a pair for portable/work use, HOLY SMOKE I was blown away,beyersmile.png

These headphones should be mandatory for all who want to start with head fi 

i'm a bit late but yes dt235/231 are great!  i really love them.  even my girlfriend love them.  by the way, they sound even better with an amp


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Trying to motivate myself to buy the Beyer DT990 Pro 250-Ohm.

Please give me some positive feedback to help motivate me to spend the $180.

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Well, if you want an open headphone with great bass and great value, I'd go for it. I have an Essence STX + DT990 Pro and I'm more than happy with it. I'm quite a noob though. 
I'd consider DT880 too, if you're curious on another signature. If I could've I would've tried them before buying the DT990.
IMO, the only con is the cable, but you already have the DT770 Pro so I guess you're fine with it.  

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Originally Posted by aleex View Post

Found a great guide:


I assume the DT990 Pros are similar in construction to the Premium/Editions. Let's just see if I dare do this...

You should definitely do that if you're experiencing some issues with the sound, in my opinion it's worth the risk. After all, when you're done you get to listen to music without the annoying extra noise. And if you have hair stuck only on the white cover, the risk of breaking your headphones is really, really small.


And I'm glad to see that the little guide I did was useful. It really was a last minute idea to grab my camera and take some photos of the process.

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Hello, i asked this question on another thread but got no answer.  Are there any users who have listened to BeyerDynamic DTX710/910? I searched for reviews but I only found 2 opinions :(. I want some bassy circumaural headphones, i have my eyes on the sony xb500 but i understand that the mids and highs are rolled off, so i would like to know these BD's are in general, and if they have enough bass.

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 I think I have just seen one of the most beautiful headphones ever made. I'm not associated with the place at all but simply found em stunning.

I can't find any posts about these here. Figured someone would want to know, at least for a viewing. Seems there are only 5 available? Kinda confusing with the translation tool I use.


DT770 Manufaktur MADOOMA Edition WN600 ( 600 ohm )


wow.  Here's a screengrab or two.

www.ebay.de 2012-5-23 19:56:10.pngwww.ebay.de 2012-5-23 19:56:30.png

Time to look into the DT770's characteristics.  Like I need another headphone...



If the company name needs editing out let me know it would have ruined the shots.




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I have the DT990 600 ohms [i got it a few weeks ago] and the DT1350 [i got it several days ago].
i love both.  
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Over 4 weeks since last post.

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I have the T1 and love it. At first i was a little dissapointed (little bass and irritaiting highs), but after some 

serious burn-in, it sounds amazing. I use the Vincent KHV-1 as amp (tube), and the S-7 CD/DAC as source.

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Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my DT990 600ohms.  Schitt Valhalla for the amp.

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I have an old DT220 that I bought off eBay for a couple of euros - I think it was about 15€ or so. It's a nice headphone and surprisingly comfortable with new pads - they still sell replacements!

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Originally Posted by fusionramjet View Post

I have the DT990 600 ohms [i got it a few weeks ago] and the DT1350 [i got it several days ago].
i love both.  

Can you compare/contrast their sound?




Originally Posted by Bradapalooza View Post

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my DT990 600ohms.  Schitt Valhalla for the amp.


How are you liking your DT990s w/ the Valhalla?

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I ordered some EDT 990 V replacement Velour ear pads for my DT880 Pro, the foam disks that came with the replacement ear pads are two tone gray/black and seem a little thicker then the foam pads that came in my DT880 (all black).

Wondering if I should just keep using that stock foam disk (all black) as they are thinner or just go ahead and use the newer two tone (gray/black) foam disks?

Does one affect audio quality over the other?

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Any T90 impressions yet?

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