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Should work



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Removed some hair now.
Seems like it's still present in some songs. Not strong though. I've removed most of what I can see, though there's some left in the cavity between headphonepad and foam pad.
As for SinGen, I couldn't really notice much at 145. Definitely noticeable on even lower frequencies, though. 
Will try to remove more hair later, and test everything once again.

Thanks for the help, everybody!

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What about the FiiO E7 for a dac/amp combo?  USB when on the PC, and has the 3.5mm line in when using my touchpad.  The amount of 'stuff' doesn't bother me, when I travel I'll have a carry on bag with me and it all should fit easily in that.  And this will be at most 25% of the time.

Originally Posted by joelpearce View Post

That makes it a bit tricky.  Normally, with the computer use I'd recommend a USB dac/amp combo, to bypass the sound of the motherboard or sound card.  With the HP touchpad, though, you're going to need to go with a portable amp that takes a 3.5mm stereo input.


Really, though, the Touchpad + Beyer DT770 + portable amp and necessary cables might not end up quite as portable as you might like.  You're going to need to decide whether you want to carry a full-sized pair of headphones with you everywhere you go.


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something like that should do just fine.  Some will probably say that a better amp is beneficial, but that series isn't THAT hard to drive--they just need more than a typical portable player can deliver.

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Gives me a bit to think about, I appreciate your help.  Thanks

Originally Posted by joelpearce View Post

something like that should do just fine.  Some will probably say that a better amp is beneficial, but that series isn't THAT hard to drive--they just need more than a typical portable player can deliver.


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Same here in my vintage 990/600s.  It really began to show up with meditation CDs with extremely low bass tones.  It shows up rarely with music, and not consistently. 

Originally Posted by aleex View Post

I've been noticing some weird disturbances in sound in my DT990 Pro's (250 Ohm). It seems to be heavily dependant on the fit, but in either case, it sounds like something is loose inside the headphone when playing subbass-heavy tracks. I bothered to find this thread and write this because it really did trouble me at first, but as I started to write and adjust the fit, it became much less pronounced.

Also, I could only notice it in the left phone at first. Then in both, and then it just disappeared.
I think I've noticed this before, but it's never been quite as strong as now.

It's pretty much gone now though and for the most not even noticeable, but anyway, is this just some fit issue or is there something more serious going on here?

Feels like everything is breaking down on me atm, so some reassuring words would be nice. 


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Well, mine are 10 months old. My Sennheiser PC-155 gaming headset(and they were like <$100) endured 2½ of my abuse so I was hoping to have these for at least 3-4 years. 

I've done some further cleaning now, but there's some hair embedded in the foam which probably will stay there. For the most part, it's not noticeable when listening to music. There are some tracks where it will appear, mostly in the left phone, like "Limit To Your Love".
Obviously, it weakens if I decrease the volume, but it's still annoying. 

It's definitely audible when testing lower frequencies in SineGen. Not so much at 145, though, but at 60 and especially 30, it's unbearable.


Guess I could take out the cushions + foam pads and clean them, or get new foam pads. 

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This is definitely odd. I left my headphones on overnight to burn-in since I got them a few days ago and I checked for that disturbance in the left speaker again. It now occurs at 66.54Hz and becomes inaudible as you decrease the frequency.


But something interesting happened while I was listening to the 30Hz tone - it disappeared and I can no longer here it until I go below 30Hz.

Seems like burning in is going to tame that noise confused_face%281%29.gif

I have also checked for debris in the foam - nothing, mine are new. And if it was a physical object vibrating at the tone, I think my experience disproves that. That noise doesn't gradually get louder and louder, either. It starts all of a sudden when a specific low frequency tone is played.

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My experience is the exact opposite - as the frequency decreases and the volume increases, whatever I hear becomes stronger. 
Very odd, indeed. 
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I just spent the past hour playing a 30Hz tone on them - to my amazement, the noise is almost gone. I noticed it around 26Hz, but that's enough to keep it out of most of the music I listen to, if it had been interfering before.

EDIT: After over 24 hours of burn in, the sound is completely gone from all frequencies! Not sure if its a coincidence but I literally watched it gradually roll off the frequency chart as I burned in the drivers more and more! I'm a believer! beyersmile.png

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anyone knows if modern headband from newer models would fit dt931?

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no no no .. maybe pack the drivers and all in a new house :) :)

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So what kind of EQ has everyone been using on their 990's? I know it's also hardware dependent, but just curious :)



This is what I'm working with for my general EQ, have another for classical and another for pure electronica. 

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Wow, what equalizer is that? I'm not using one at the moment.

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One for foobar2000 :)

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