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I am absolutely loving my two-week-old T1s. They're "just exactly perfect," as Bob Weir used to say while the band was tuning up yet again.


The T50p, though, I'm not sold on yet. Had them for two weeks (and admittedly haven't burned them in extensively), and I find them confusing. One listening session will wow me, and the next will sound like I've replaced with earpads with Brill-O pads (dense and scratchy). Soundstage at this point demonstrates the exact trait for which I've sold two pairs of K702s -- artificial-sounding width and separation.


I know, more time...

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Originally Posted by ImitationOfLife View Post



What do you think of the T1? I won't be able to try it any time soon and I'm quite content with what I have at the moment - I'm just curious on your thoughts.

They are the best cans I have heard to date. Give them a listen you should enjoy them

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Thought I would bump this ongoing thread. I'm the newest member of Team Beyer with the '05 DT880/250 I received two weeks ago. So far I'm loving them, and I plan on posting a detailed review (along with some reviews of other cans I've tried along the way). They're the winner after almost half a year of searching; I went through an M50 and an SR225i before I arrived here in Beyerland. The sights are nice, and the people are friendly. I think I'll take up residence here, though I may occasionally vacation elsewhere.


Go Team Beyer!

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Originally Posted by Argyris View Post


Go Team Beyer!

Where to?

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Well I feel that my 990/250s are the best headphones I have ever owned.  The only cans that Ive owned that have come close to the Beyer's were my Cardas/650s, but those sounded sleepy comparatively.

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I LOVE my DT990/32!!!!!!!

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wahahaha~ love my DT770 Pro :P

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DT-990s are my favs.  Will definitely be buying 770s and 880s in the future.  The comfort... mmm.  Lots of metal.  Comfy ear pads.

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I'm saving for a T1, they'll be next on the list smily_headphones1.gif

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I Love my DT 302 (600 ohm) & my DT 770 Pro (80 ohm)



bd302.jpgraw dynamic.JPG

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Owned my DT 880/32's for about 1.5-2 months now but never took the time to voice my love for them. Definitely my favorite cans; good for literally everything music/gaming/movies/TV. Hope to one day upgrade to DT 880/600 any maybe even eventually T1.

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Still loving my DT150's; have been way to long a time not experimenting with amps. These phones have really served me well and I am excited to see how they will scale. New job, increased cash flow, time for some amping! I'm curious about trying a tube amp, darkvoice 336 or such. Tubes make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

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I listened/auditioned so many headphones, including top of line Grado, Sennheiser, Denon, etc, and ended up with Beyer T1s. I love them.  Driving them through the matching Beyer A1 amp is transparent, fast, dynamic with just enough warmth/liquidity.

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Yo, it's my turn ...



... have had the 880s in 250 and 600 Ohm, and both are wonderful headphones with its own strengths and simply one of the best buys out there.

Then I pushed the trigger and ordered the T1, I use it balanced hooked up to the LD MK VII and a little equalized to flatten the amplitude, and man, this heady really shines. Flat, precise with the right coloring and pretty good staging.
Without EQ the T1 is not bad either, but not as perfect. I guess many guys prefer the non equalized sound, even if there are a bit to loud highs and upper base. With EQ the T1 is my absolute reference. Try to get -5 dB @ 8 kHz and around -3 dB between 80 Hz and 400 Hz.




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I have DT860 and DT231, going for the senn HD600 or HD650

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