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BeyerDynamic owners unite...

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Seeing that I may have been one of the (if not the main) starters of the current Beyer FOTM, and seeing that there are various threads about Sennheiser, Grado etc love... I thought it was time to redress the balance...

So, if you have a BeyerDynamic 'phone that you are feeling the love for (or more if you have lots of love ), feel free to share your experiences in this thread

Well, incase no-one had noticed (hehe) my main cans are now the DT880s with the Cardas upgrade cable... very nice - also though, one which I haven't said much about (mostly because they are loan 'phones, and I will have to give them back soon) is a pair of DT231 Gallactics... surprisingly good out of the iPod...

Now, Team Beyer is a respectful team, so no in-fighting please, none of this "your 990 is veiled compared to the 880" or other such nonsense, just feel the love, and share it with your fellow members
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Team silver velour earpads... oh baby...

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I dont really need to say anything do I?
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And the DT770's crusheth all The best I can do until I have that Velodyne sub, and a room to park it in
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beyers are decent
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Originally Posted by Kenny12
beyers are decent
i agree.
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Oh yeah, I can like this thread.
Spread the Beyer-Love!

I've listened to just about every Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic headphone there is, on my own system, and currently own the DT531, DT770-250 Pro and DT880. I love'em all.

Once I owned a Senn HD600, but when I put the DT880 on my head and started the CD-player...I just went "ahhhh...that's the way it's meant to sound...".

The DT770-250 Pro might not be the most balanced or correct headphone out there, but when properly amped, it's damned great fun.
Also, there's something about the sound that just rubs me the right way. Difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is.
But...I am going to get a DT770-80...

The DT531 just has a pleasant, groovy sound that is so easy to like, and you can listen to it for hours without fatigue.
Together with the DT880, the DT531 is one of the most comfortable headphones to wear. Fabulous velvet velour...

The amplifier I use for all this, is the MAD Ear++, which I think suits the Beyers really good. I haven't tried any other tube amps, but I suspect that the Beyers really like tubes or tube-sounding amps.

Other Beyers worth mentioning, are the DT990 and DTX900.
The DT990 is the open, more balanced version of the DT770, and got that lovely liquid, smooth Beyer-sound I love, with some fantastic bass. I reckon I'm going to own one of these in the future.
The DTX900 looks and feels a little plasticky, but sounds damned good. I mostly preferred it over the Senn HD595. The DTX900 is just more fun and engaging. Definitely an overlooked gem, just too bad about the looks.

Well, there you have it. I'm a Beyer-fan...
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I'm a beyer-loving-senn-fan, am I allowed to participate ?

It's not my fault that there's no 880s locally. =)

Anyway I really like 250, 231 and 531 !
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Have to cheer for a great pair of underdogs: DT 660.

Duncan, as for the DT 880, have you managed to get your hands on a pair with the stock cable?
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I'm a potential new adept of the party... if only I could put my hands on the DT880 (too pricey for me as of now and hard to find here) or the DTX900 (just hard to find here) ...

Thinking about it though, I'm worried about that 'mental adjustment' supposedly needed while switching back and forth between my HD650 and, say, the DT880, since I don't want that my current happy relationship with my Senns be compromised in any way. Maybe this is magnifying the issue though.
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Originally Posted by saint.panda
Duncan, as for the DT 880, have you managed to get your hands on a pair with the stock cable?

Yes, I am - all being well, going to be borrowing BrokenEnglish' pair for a week or two... then, all will be revealed re the cable
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I hate Beyerdynamics - especially the DT531, the DT250/250 and the DT440. And I'm a liar.

Grinnings from Hannover!

Manfred / lini
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Originally Posted by lini
I hate Beyerdynamics - especially the DT531, the DT250/250 and the DT440. And I'm a liar.

Grinnings from Hannover!

Manfred / lini
I also hate the DT860 and DT880.Between the 2 of us,that is a pretty good collection of Beyerdynamics to lie about.
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Originally Posted by YngwieJMalmsteen
Team silver velour earpads... oh baby...

BWAHAHAHAHA fear my Grados with silver velour earpads!
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Question about impedance and the DT-770

So since this is the BeyerDynamic lovers thread I have a question about how
diffrent the DT770-80 sound vs DT770-250. I have a SR-71 to drive them
so that is not a problem. I guess the questions is how does the sound differ
between the lower impedance and the higher impedance versions.

i am trying to decide between the two without being able to here them first.

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