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What interconnect cable (for headphone amp)?

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I am thinking of buying Corda's HA-1 MKII headphone amp for my Sennheiser HD-600 headphones. I have Cyrus' 4000-euro stereoset. My question is: what kind of interconnect (RCA) should I buy? Or should I say: how much money should I spend on it?

Some people say that especially when concerning a headphone amp it wouldn't be wise to spend over 100 euros (or dollars) on an interconnect. That is if you don't own a real high-end equipment. On the other hand, some people say that it is wise to get a good interconnect.

Now, as I am using headphones mostly at night time and as I am on the verge of spending a lot of money for a new stereo set, I would not necessarily like to spend over 100 euros on an interconnect. That being said, I am the type of guy who is not rich but who does not like to sacrifice performance because of the price tag. I don't want to buy a crappy cable which destroys the listening experience.

Of course the best advice would be to just try out different cables, even the cheap ones, on my system and hear what sounds best. This would be optimal, but unfortunately, I live in a city that has really limited quantity of cables. There's one hifi-store which offers Monster Cable, van den hul and Nordost. However, I would be able to order the cables from another city.

I would prefer an all-copper interconnect. I would like to buy Analysis Plus' Oval One interconnect, but the price is pretty steep: 159 euros. I have also been looking models from van den hul and Monster Cable (which I use for hometheater but would not prefer to use with stereos). There's a cable called Merlin Chopin which has one tests and is reasonably priced but I can't find it in Finland. Bummer!

Would you please advice me on this matter and maybe recommend me an interconnect. Also, you could mention how much did you spend on your interconnect. Keep in mind that while I know that cheap cables can and are good, I guess I am a little spoiled since I always want a little better products. I guess I feel proud if the price tag has a big number. That being said, I do not want to spend money carelessly in this particular case.
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Hello CagedTiger,

the pricing on High End RCA interconnect cables is usually almost ridiculous if you buy them as a set.
There are helpful threads in the DIY section here,
how to make interconnects.
Tastes and recommandations vary from country to country, it depends on what is available. Here in Germany the Monitor Audio Black&White NF 1202 is considered the best buy if you want a cable with neutral but detailed characteristics, it costs about 36 Euro per meter plus plugs, but the original set of 2x 1.20 metres with original Monitor plugs is usually 240 Euros.

Another suggestion is to ask Jan Meier, who builds the Corda amps for a recommendation.

The selection of the cable depends on your tastes in listening and on the source (preamp or CD-Player) you use, I'm not a specialist on Cyrus equipment, so may be it's a good idea to ask a Cyrus expert as well.

Good luck and happy Easter
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