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Outlaw Audio Problems

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I just wanted to follow up on my previous post re: Outlaw Audio messing up my order. Now, the synopsis of the story is this: I ordered one pair of their 1.8m PCA cables and got them. They, however, billed me for two pairs+shipping and sent me a receipt stating that I ordered two pairs.

I called them up, and they said that their warehouse records indicate that two pairs were shipped at 1.5lbs each for a total of 3.0lbs weighed by UPS.

I believe that they are wrong. Not only did I only got one pair of cables, but when I put the cables back into the bag and then back into the shipping box with the peanuts, the box was pretty darned packed, with no room for anything extra.

So... Am I wrong in saying that this is proof that they only shipped me one pair because the box simply doesn't fit anymore than one pair?

I also noticed that in addition to the packaging tape sealing the center of the box, there seems to be a scotch tape sized tape right underneath. Perhaps someone tampered with the box and took a pair of cables?

Initially, that's what I thought might have happened and Outlaw has filed a claim with UPS. Frankly, however, I believe that Outlaw simply messed up my order, billed me for two pairs (even though I ordered one pair), but got the order right in shipping me only one.

I'll keep you all posted on the outcome of this. Either way, I'm NOT paying for something I didn't buy. If Outlaw messed up and are not owning up to it, I think that the other members of this forums should know. Ideally, I would like to initiate a boycott of Outlaw if it turns out that it's their fault. That is, however, immature at the present moment. I'll let you all know.
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I would give them a chance to get this fixed first. If Outlaw doesn't get this settled correctly, you can eventually dispute the charge.
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They are not lightweight cables -- did you weigh the box and one pair? The UPS label shows the weight.

Anyway, I always save a copy of the website order form (I usually just save the browser page) until I get what I ordered. Did you?
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I can't imagine that the folks at Outlaw won't take care of this for you. Everything I've ever heard about them (excluding the eternal wait for the 950, which is plenty for some people ) leads me to believe that they've got great customer service. Wait until you hear a solid response from them either way before you get yourself too worked up. Keep us updated.
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JML: The UPS label does not have the weight on there.
DCG: I hope Outlaw figures out that they're wrong, 'cause I'm most certainly not.
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Originally posted by Mic
JML: The UPS label does not have the weight on there.
That is most unusual. There's usually a square box with the weight in it, followed by the shipper's UPS identification number (forget what it's called -- can you tell I used to work for a mail-order firm?).

Where did you receive this? When I receive things UPS or FedEx, I have to receive them at work, and we have a mail room. So that means that it has to go through an extra pair of hands. But I happen to know that I can trust them (they accidentally opened one of my boxes and apologized profusely -- the company does not have any problem with us receiving personal mail at work -- keeps me at work, doesn't it?). But you might have a problem elsewhere.

Not trying to defend UPS, just...brainstorming other possible explanations.
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The UPS label says "UPS Ground" and only has a barcode and the tracking #, nothing more. I received this at home, with my roommate signing it off. I trust him. Besides, like I said before, the box doesn't seem to fit any more than one pair of cables.
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Well, Outlaw is refunding me the credit for the cables that I never got, but only because UPS approved their loss claim. Personally, I think Outlaw is still at fault with their book-keeping. But, I guess I won't complain anymore since I'm getting my $ back.
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hopefully, mine will get here ok.
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