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pre head-fi: grado sr60

post head-fi: Carda Headfive Amp, SR 325i, Blue Jeans LC-1 cables
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Pre HF: Senn HD600

Post HF: Sony MDR-CD3000, Beyer DT880 '03, Senn HD 595, Denon AH-D5000, RSA Red Hornet M, working on IC.
Planned: JVC DX1000, Xin Reference, possibly more.

Thank you all. Ahem.

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its like an AA meeting in here, Audiophile's Anonymous. I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the ONLY one with my spending pattern. At least 20% of my purchases are gifts (graduation gift and gift for the gf) - so that's ok, right? Right?
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Pre head-fi:
generic no name earbuds -> Aiwa earbuds -> iBuds

Post head-fi:
Shure e2c-> Koss Portapro -> Shure e3c

My iPod upgrades have been a bit more prolific though:

2nd gen 10GB -> 3rd gen 15GB -> 4th gen 20GB-> photo 20GB-> video 30GB

Luckily from the 3rd gen onward all iPod upgrades were through work (I worked part time selling Apple stuff...) with optional 99€ purchases whenever a newer model was released. So now all my friends have my old iPods
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Pre Head-Fi: I had a Defintive Technology Home theater sytem with Tower speakers. Source was and remains an Arcam DV88+

Than we had a baby ...............and then we had another baby ........

Post Head-Fi I now have, no tower speakers and:

Phillips HP1500 Dolby headphone processor with HP1000 wired headphones.
Sennheiser HD650 with Headfive Amp.
Stax 3030 system (E-Bay, second hand)
Sennheiser CX300's for my Sony NWA-1200

Thanks to the advice here, I haven't had to upgrade anything and I'm using everything I've bought. Total spend is €1,200 or about $1,600.

Next up I'm waiting for the Yamaha ysv-1 processor which is supposed to blow Dolby Headphone out of the water.

In my weaker moments I think about upgrading the Stax to an Omega II set up or maybe a HE60/Stax setup, but I find it hard to justify spending about 5 times as much as I did the Stax 3030.

Funny thing is, I don't really miss those tower speakers all that much!
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Audigy 2 -> Panasonic headphone
Audigy 2 -> Sennheiser HD595
Corda Aria -> Sennheiser HD595
Corda Aria -> AKG K701
** Got SR-60's for fun **
MHDT Constantine+ USB -> Corda Aria -> AKG K701
MHDT Constantine+ USB -> Darkvoice 332 -> AKG K701
Belkin PureAV PF40 -> Constantine+ -> Darkvoice 332 -> AKG K701

Add in some silver IC's and Ironlung Jellyfish power cords and then MAC HC Soundpipe power cord and that's where I'm at right now. Oh, and tube rolling of course. =]

Biggest jump was from HD595->K701, then Corda Aria->Darkvoice 332. Notable jumps were Constantine+ and silver IC's.
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Before head-fi: Sennheiser HD200 (At least it's a Sennheiser and I bought it because it sounds good, seems like I was destined to end up here)

After head-fi.
I bought a pair of KSC75 and a iAudio U3 and was happy with them until the phones broke...
then I returned and bought a pair of PMX100 (behind the neck PX100), didn't like them as much as my KSC75 so I bought MS-1. Nice cans, modded them with HD414 pads.

Decided to get IEMs for the portable rig, the Singaporeans tipped me of about crossroads mylarthrees so I ordered a pair the day they where available.

Sounds really nice, but I'm noticing a slight hiss with my U3 and considering an ultraportable low gain amp...

Also I need a new Dac....

and I wonder how the new Denons might sound...

Too bad that I have to pay rent... although if I go all out on my portable rig living in a cardboard box might not be too bad.
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Doesn't really exist any more....

- lk
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I bought my first toy three months ago and that was sony e888. I deeply regret for buying it and so I bought ep630. As I felt them too boring, I bought a hd595 which is the most favourite toy of mine so far. Meanwhile, I bought a creative zen v plus to my girlfriend and felt it too weak to produce good sound so I bought Ibasso T1. Eventually I got one PMP for myself which was cowon d2. It became my primary device and hoped to find a good match with it therefore I turned to um1. Now I am going for a tube amp and AKG 701 when I get back hong kong (I am a university student in UK)......all of these started since my first visit to head-fi.

Please don't come anymore if you wanna save money......though you might feel it hard to do so as I do...too much fun here!!
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I can honestly say that I have a problem. At first, it was Sony MDR's at 80 - boy what a big purchase. Then a huge purchase at 220 for etys. Then! the RS-1's at 700. Now as the etys and RS-1's are being sold, the 950+ UE-10 Pros are being had. I am mad, but in a mad world, only the mad are sane. Oh yes, the wallet hurts a lot.
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