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try this,
connect the power cord from the computer PSU to a different power strip then the one feeding your speakers/amp, make sure the psu is feeding from the different power socket,

happened to me with my KRK´s, took me a month to find out the PSU was giving electrical feedback noise in to the power strip, the noise was coming from the power feed, not the audio input, seperate the power from your computer from the power going to your speakers and the noise should magicly disappear,
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FWIW, I had the same blitter problem from my own setup. Tried muting all inputs, tried the foil, tried running dedicated ground wire from mobo to PSU, nothing worked. Finally changed out the pos "Shielded" mini->RCA wire going from my card to the amp with a BJC version, that took care of things.
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AFAIK ESR paper won't do you any good on killing the mouse noise as ROBSCIX mentioned it is trasferred via PCI bus.
Have you grounded your motherboard and peripherals correctly ? Check that the motherboard has screws in places where they belong. There is a metallic ring in places where you need to use screw and not those plastic fasteners.

I've had store bought builds where the grounding hasn't been done properly, most recent being my work Dell laptop that goes nuts when moving mouse around
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any known solution to this problem yet? the only soundcard that didn't do these very very low random bleeps were the Asus Essence, but I didn't like their sound/drivers

I've had it w/ all my previous soundcards, including USB w/ an external wallwart...and even from a PCI USB2 NEC card..but mine don't seem related to the PS/2 mouse?!

of course it's back on my Prodigy HD2...I love the sound of this card, but from time to time I get these $#@!$#@! bleeps again.

I've got a $60 mobo, I guess this would be the culprit, as even when switching PSU's from a Fortron Green400W to a Bequiet500W...it was still there. I use a MGE UPS, and the wall plug is not grounded...so I guess I'm begging for troubles here

anyway! I read a long time ago that disabling smooth scrolling in IE would help fixing the problem...as it would appear to be some sort of "feedback" from the graphic card blitter?! and we all know that IE & XP are very tightly linked

smooth scrolling noise - Google Search

it was also said earlier in this thread that enabling Aero would fix the glitch....and this IE setting seems to work, I haven't heard the damn bleeps so far

PS: to be perfecly clear, it sounds like random interferences from a switching PSU(1 second every 15 mins or so), and the Asus Essence would also do it if I put headphones on the HP out and selected the line-out in the drivers. BUT, it would instantly go away as soon as I selected the HP out in the drivers...so it definitely has to do w/ PSU/shielding

PS2: also tried a few other tricks...I'll try to remove them one by one:
-use metal capped LME49720HA op-amps
-add /PCILOCK the boot.ini, so XP won't poll the soundcard adresses
-use a metal shield around the soundcard(I don't think it helps..)
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2005 post??

Someone still looking for an answer to a post from 2005?

I had similar issue and solved it by disconnecting the audio out wire from my internal CDROM. totally silent and not a big deal since I never play CDs from my computer
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you should decode CDDA digitally anyway
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Had this problem with my RME DIGI. The best way to solve this is to make a dedicated HTPC (cMP² | Main / HomePage) - integrated GPU with 2d acceleration disabled, seriously tweaked OS, etc. Improvement is obvious. You can't expect good sound with a gaming rig, really.
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you can, really. output toslink to an external DAC.
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Is there any other way or idea to fix this problem?
I have the same problem right now that I can hear mouse movements or even the HDDs spinning up when I use my Little Dot MK V instead of my Meier Headsix as an amp.
So far I tried different cables from the sound card to the amp, made sure that ground hum wasn't an issue. All inputs are disabled and muted on my Auzen Forte, no other cables (like case audio out or CD drive) connected to it.
Without getting a new board I can't put my sound card in a different slot (right now it's sitting right above the graphics card) and I don't see why I would want to buy a new PSU (right now I'm using an 80+ Enermax Modu82+, so there's not much room for improvement).
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Originally Posted by bixby View Post
Someone still looking for an answer to a post from 2005?

I had similar issue and solved it by disconnecting the audio out wire from my internal CDROM. totally silent and not a big deal since I never play CDs from my computer
Did you try this?
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As I said, I don't have a cable connected to the card other than the line out leading to the headphone amp. No connection between CD drive and the card in the first place.
Would it be wise to put some kind of isolating cover on the pins that aren't needed?
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audio cable

the audio from the cd rom drive on my computer traveled from a single pin connection on the cd rom to the motherboard and not the sound card. removing this cable from the cd rom eliminated the buzzing.

What you cannot do after that is throw a cd into the cd rom and play it like a cd player.

Otherwise you digital files on the hard drive can be played with no problem.
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Originally Posted by Radical_53 View Post
Is there any other way or idea to fix this problem?
this could fix your problem: Xitel Precision Audio Technology

some clues:
Ground loop problem solving
Audio isolators

basically the PSU ground is sent to the computer case chassis, and your soundcard allows it to the reach the audio ground...so you're basically listening to the graphic card and HDD activities.

you could try lifting the ground on all equipments, or plug them in different outlets...but nothing's a better fix to this problem than toslink IME
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@bixby: I'm using a SATA drive so I think there aren't even any pins I could isolate without loosing the drive as a whole.

@leeperry: Are you sure this is a ground loop? I already tried various things with that (different wall outlets for each component and so on) and it didn't do a thing. It's not a hum I'm hearing. The noise stays the same no matter where the components are plugged in. It's even the same when I unplug all possible components (everything USB and ethernet even).
The sound card has an isolated PCI bracket as the noise was much worse with the "blank" bracket. I still can't get rid of it completely so far.
I can't use Toslink as then I'd loose all the sound quality from the sound card plus I'd need some kind of DAC on top. That's not going to work out.
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yes, it's picking up the ground noise from the PCI slot...you are doomed AFAIK, I had the exact same issue.

most likely your littledot amp doesn't filter the ground...so it's a loop feast, as it should use a virtual ground layout or some other more sophisticated "trick".

groundloops are not just a loud "hum", it can also be ground "noise"...ground pollution. ground is supposed to be neutral, but it's never the case in a computer.

if you're in 110V land, try using a Humm-X maybe? or that Xitel thingie I linked above, but it'd be in the audio path
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