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Congratulations!................I'm speachless......(gasping for air)...........very, very nice.

Aren't you neighbours complaining about flickering lights when you power it up?

How long do you reckon it needs to burn in?
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Originally Posted by Hirsch
That is one beautiful amp. If it sounds anywhere near as good as it looks, you're set for a very long time.

I hope that Mihail and you recover from your respective hernias from packing and unpacking that beast soon...
Hirsch the weight of the amp was offset by the massive loss of weight in my wallet!
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Originally Posted by MASantos
Where can one find info on that amp I lookd for it at singlepower site but they no info on that amp? Very nice setup!!!!!

Mikhail is talking about doing the dual mono amps in the PPX3 or MPX3 also. He said they will compete in price with either the Gilmore balanced or the Blockhead. These would still be special order and you would need to talk to Mikhail about specifics.

Glod, I would think the power caps will take a while (6 X 3900). My other SDS amp took a few months before it really smoothed out completely. The amp sounds great now. It's not as forward or agressive as my original SDS. It is however more detailed and refined sounding. I'm not sure if the difference is the Jensen paper oil caps vs. the orange drops or what. I will post any changes.
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Congrats on your new amp, Tom! That really is a one nice looking amp! And your whole rig officially weighs more than I do. lol.
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Some more photos, these from Mikhail before he shipped it...

The cones that these sit on are also really great...

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I am still in the "jaw mopping the ground" state

Dude...you have to counterbalance your house now
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[QUOTE=gsferrari]I am still in the "jaw mopping the ground" state

This system is impressive to look at..However the jaw dropping action gets serious when you put the Senns on. I've taken the last last two days off work and have been listening almost around the clock and I dont think I have fully realized how great its sounding. The headstage this system produces is so different than anything I have heard to date. Everything just sounds so clean, smooth and detailed. I am having a BLAST!
I cant wait for everything to get in the groove even more after it gets some more time on it. The amp, DAC, and
cabling, are all brand new. The tubes have been sitting for over a year waiting just to use to burn in this amp.(cant wait to bust out the Sylvania VT231 & TungSol RP combo) My new digital cable wont be here until friday (siltech G5 Golden Ridge) so I am sure the $20.00 radio shack special I have in there now has to be some kind of bottleneck.
This system has really worked out for me and I know it will get much better with time and a couple tweaks.
Back to the tunes.
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why is it so big?

what the hell is inside to make it that big?
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Originally Posted by bhd812
why is it so big?

what the hell is inside to make it that big?
18 raptor amps.

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how much does she weigh?

she looks nice
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I think the Maestro ZR case (same as this one) is by far the most beautiful amplifier case I have ever seen. I have videos of a Maestro ZR being removed from the packaging if anyone is interested...FANTASTIC!

I can only imagine how Tom must have felt when he opened his crate...

I want to be able to experience this some day
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Very impressive setup you got there Tom,Congrates .You must be a very happy camper.
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I have only two words: "OH BABY!!"
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Originally Posted by NotoriousBIG_PJ
18 raptor amps.

Now that has got to be the funniest thing I have read on the net today!
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On the way home today, I stopped at Tom's house and listen to his new amp and DAC...and I'm speechless. The amount of details especially dynamics are amazing. The best headphone amps I've heard period. This amp transforms the Senn HD-650 to another level. I couldn't believe I was listening to a headphone, it is more like fine pair of speakers. The depth and width of the sound are truely amazing. This amp is that good folks! Cheer to Tom for being a very lucky man. I feel very fortunate to live 5 minutes away from him. BTW, his amp, DAC, balanced ICs, and balanced Zu Mobius are new....so this system can only sound better.
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