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Headphone Case/Bag

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I was interested in getting a Pelican case for Sennheiser HD-600 and I was wondering how the sizing worked out. I have seen posts indicating a 1200 was good but tight and I believe I saw another that advised a 1400. I suppose the extra size might be useful for additional items, but are there any additional thoughts on this matter.

I also am in need of an additional bag for full sized headphones and seek possible alternatives. I have one Headroom Headphone bag that is certainly well built, but it has a tighter fit than I would like. Are there any other choices, perhaps in leather?? Thanks
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Lol, I hate to admit it, but I found that my mom's old louis vuitton purse seems to be a perfect fit for my HD600. I took the straps off of it, and it looks decent. I can just throw it in a suitcase when i am traveling.
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lmao, is the perfect size though. Perhaps i should get an airbag. Having that thing in my luggage is plain embarassing
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I have several different shoulder bags from wal-mart that I use for my headphones,senn. 580s, mini disc, portable radio, supreme amp, total airhead amp, mx500, 8 mini recorded disc, extra batterys, pen & pad and some other stuff all in one bag. I also have smaller sholder bage just for my total airhead,mini disc & recordered disc extra batt. I think the most I payed was 15.00 but most are cheeper. All are well made and look like they were made for a man. K-mart also has these shoulder bags cheep. All of these bags have different compartments like a large one for just my 580s and other compartments for my other stuff. I know people like to pay a lot for their bags but I have been buying portable bags for my stuff for years and never payed more than 30.00 for a leather bag.
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Another thing you could try are padded bags made for pilots to use to carry headsets. If you do a web search for headset or headphone bag or case, you'll find many out there at dealers who carry pilot & aviation accessories. I wanted one, but couldn't find the right one for my ATH-W100, which is pretty big.

Or try looking at camera cases -- esp. if you need to carry portable sources & amps.

If you see something good, let us know.
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Originally posted by TimSchirmer
lmao, is the perfect size though. Perhaps i should get an airbag. Having that thing in my luggage is plain embarassing
Yeah, yeah.

Just keep lying to yourself. Why don't you spraypaint that thing pink while you're at it, Shirley?

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