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I like the HD280, and I like it even better modded. Even if it is all placebo effect - I am saving money for now.

...till I buy some canal phones.

And as Jan Meier says it is fun to mod.
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Originally Posted by Jmmmmm
Does the thickness of the bluetac actually affect the change in sound? If it does, is it just due to the decrease in air volume inside the cup, or is there something else?
I don't think I'm familiar with this bluetac, but depending on the density the volume will either be increased or decreased. Light wool, like the synthetic, fluffy material used in pillows will make the driver perceive a larger volume. If the material is stuffed hard inside the enclosures the size might be perceived as reduced. If you use housing isolation material (don't know if you've got rockwool?), which is higly dense, the volume will definately be reduced.

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I think a lot of people mix up mid bass and sub bass having never really heard truly good detailed sub bass. People think that the HD280 is lacking in bass when they are expecting the boominess usually associated with bass. I think the HD280 has some of the best bass going round, especially for the money. Mine are around 3 years old and have only gotten better with time. They are used daily.
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