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I got my EQUINOX cables today

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The box they came in was light as a feather. The cables are real nice looking. Like a woven weave and are very light. The instalation was a snap, I had to just make sure that the right was outward and the left was outward but once installed the R&L disapear into the headphones. the sound was a deffent improvement. The highs were higher but most appearent they were a lot stronger. Not shrell but very strong. The mids were more forward but not to much so, but just very much stronger. The mid lows were a lot stronger with a little more snap. The bottom lows were lower but also a lot stronger. The sound stage was very impressive. Like the whole headphone fulled up with a much stronger and fuller sound. The clearity is awsome like I have never heard it befor. The instructions said to give them 72 hours brake in befor serious listening. Well thats it. Its hard to tell all these differences because I just got the 4 dimarzio interconnects and now these. But if I may say so my 580s sound very much better. They are much more in the way of performance and not as laid back but still very pleasant but way stronger and clearer and overall sound nothing like the 580s that I had befor all this. The are just way better but I really dont know what to compair them to other than these are the best headphones that I have ever had or heard. Thanks for reading this. I am very proud to have achived this level of sound. But it was the members who deserve all the credit for leading down the path of great sound. LOU TUCCI
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Seems you have been successful with your upgrades, congratulations!
What I have seen the last days, you have bought many new cables. You have much to burn-in and you must take the time to do so and enjoy it for some time, hope a very long time. It will become even better!
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Thanks for your kind words. This is all new to me. I just recently learned about interconnects. A member said that I should get some ics and I had to ask him, what are ics? So I started researching about them and played it safe buy getting the DIMARZIOS. I think that they are very good and well knowned. Then I thought that my 580s were just fine untill I heard about the cardas cables. Then I read JUDES review on the three different cables. Out of them I liked what he had to say about the EQUINOX cables. Then a member said I need a better source. So TOD at headroom over the phone helped me hook up my supreme amp to my main system 500 watt amp and cd deck. All these changes improved my sound greatly but it happened within a day or two. So needless to say I am in shock at the huge difference with the sound and really dont know what any one of them is doing but only hear the total thing as one big improvement. The burn in will be by listening so it will take quite awhile. Maby in a few months the sound will get even better but it is real good right now. I came to the forum with a pair of portapros and a total airhead plus a mini disc and it sound real good to me. Now the sound is beyound any words I could say.
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Thanks for the review. Maybe you should consider updating your profile with all the new components?
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