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Solder free Mini Plug

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I'm just starting in the DIY interconnect world, and am currently aiming to do so without solder (never soldered in my life, and I'd probably make a mess). I have the Cardas solder free (crimped) RCA plugs, and good Belden cable coming. However, I was also hoping to make RCA to mini cables, as well as mini to mini cables. Does anyone know of reasonable quality mini plugs that do not need solder to make the cable connections? Even if they are the equivalent of the top quality WBT RCA plugs, I would consider them...thanks.

Ian [iano]
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i was looking at radioshack.com and saw a few, i liked the motorola ones. u may not c them on the american site, go to the candaian to get full description radioshack.ca.
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Thanks for the heads up, I had not thought of RS...I saw some similar ones in the US site, and will pick up some during the week.

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Id recommend learning to solder, itll take 40 minutes, probably 2 fried plugs and about $15 for tools and after its smooth sailing

Im sure there are many here thatll give you advice and tips, I would.
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Well, I can see that will be the inevitable next step, so I'm sure I will go in that direction eventually (maybe sooner rather than later). Thanks for the offer of help.
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just thought i'd give this link Tangent Tutorials

its great if your a complete soldering noob such as myself

lols, thread 2 yrs old
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The screw-terminal miniplugs sold by radioshack are pretty crappy. The issue is that the tabs are very flexible and tend to short out against eachother.
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