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power supply for sony d-25s

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hi all, as you may or may not know, the sony d-25s uses a DC 9V + \ - adapter to power the unit, now i see time and time again, the importance of a good power wire, does this apply here? I need to pick up a new power supply, I need suggestions.. Thanks!
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If you do a search (hint) you'll see I had suggested these two options:

1. Radio Shack selectable 3-12 V 800 mA regulated and filtered adapter (F plug, tip negative) (big!!)

2. Radio Shack 9 V 1200 mA regulated International adapter (F plug, tip negative) (tiny!!)

There is a non-regulated, non-filtered 9 V adapter as well (cheapest choice).

The regulated adapters supply 9 volts, +/- .1, which is pretty damned good, and they have more than enough amperage for the D-25S. The unregulated adapter has a wider range -- the ones I tested had 12-13 volts without a load.

The filtered adapter will remove any powerline noise -- and proved to cure a hum problem I had with some desktop computer speakers/amp.

Have fun.

(I bought both. The big one sits on the desk, and can run three other units I have -- so in the long run it's a best buy -- and the small one can travel.)
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Thats what I like to hear! Thanks
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